Dying Light 2: Stay Human was a mega-hit, with over 5 million copies flying off the digital shelf throughout its launch month alone. With the primary story enlargement, Bloody Ties, popping out October 13, I sat down with game designer Tymon Smektała to glean a little bit of perception regarding what we’re in for.

You get a real sense of a developer’s intention for a chunk of content material by how they describe it, so I start by asking Tymon to pitch me Bloody Ties. He indulges me. “For me, the best reference for it is movies like Rocky or Creed. It’s an emotional story that’s crashing with elements of sport, rivalry, fighting, and trying to be the champion,” he tells me. “Trying to get as much prestige and fame as possible. It allows you to make some choices, which will affect the endings of the DLC, so we are definitely keeping the choice and consequences of Dying Light intact.”


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I interject, asking whether or not the Bloody Ties plot had any bearing on the general plot of Dying Light 2. “Yeah, yeah. It is a side story,” he confirms. “We wanted to do this consciously because players can jump into it at any level of progression, at any point in the story. It is quite fresh after the release of the game so we have to account for players who just started, as well as for players who just finished and are on a new game.”

The first act of the DLC takes place within the open world of Dying Light 2, however after the primary act you attain the brand new location, The Carnage Hall, the place the event begins and also you intention to develop into one of the best and most competent challenger to the title. When Bloody Ties was first revealed, it was met with scepticism by the Dying Light group. “Arena” DLCs are typically characterised as minigame-heavy with out numerous substance. Smektała is fast to clarify that this would possibly not be a difficulty for Bloody Ties. There will not be minigames. The Carnage Hall could also be an area, however that doesn’t imply Bloody Ties will lack substance.

“The coolest thing about it is that you’d probably expect it to be like another arena DLC where you just fight waves of enemies. It’s actually way more than that,” Smektała tells me. “There’s quite a chunky story that takes between 5-6 hours, Additional side quests allow you to change the flow of the main narrative. Some take you back to Villedor, some are played inside the new map of the Carnage Hall. But what happens in the actual arena, is also very interesting.”

In the world, you will undertake “Spectacles” – new missions based mostly on historic or mythological occasions that happen inside the Carnage Hall. Smektała makes use of the instance of Robin Hood for instance what these missions will entail. “You have to infiltrate the Sheriff’s castle and steal some gold. There’s a whole stage built that resembles the castle. First, you have to find a way how to get inside the castle, then you have to find a way to get past the Sheriff’s guards, then you have to get to the cart, then you have to take the cart outside but then you’re chased. We have spent quite a lot of effort making it way more than just a regular DLC.”

These secondary factors sound fascinating, however I am unable to fairly escape the sense that it is a significantly flashy Arena DLC, with all of the shortcomings that include that. Smektała says that cautious gamers will probably be stunned. “So positively it’s far more than that. I feel the story, to be sincere – as a result of it’s a smaller story – allowed us to focus extra on every character,” he begins. “It allowed us to focus much more on what’s occurring. It’s fairly dense, it’s fairly emotional, it’s not too heavy but it surely’s heavy sufficient to really make you ask your self some questions.”

While the identify Carnage Hall implies the enlargement space will probably be restricted to a constructing, Tymon assures me this isn’t the case. “The Carnage Hall is the building itself, but there is an area that surrounds it,” he clarifies. “There is a small area around where some easter eggs are hidden. I think explorers will actually find plenty of things to find there.”

I used to be curious to know what the conception and design philosophy behind Bloody Ties was. Without breaking stride, Smektała educates me on how the crew landed on Carnage Hall because the setting for Dying Light 2’s first story DLC. “Dying Light is built on a couple of pillars. Those pillars are the day and night cycle, choices and consequences, parkour, and combat,” he begins. “Combat and especially combat against the infected is something a lot of players love. So it felt kinda natural, but again we tried to make it more. This is the foundation, there’s no denying that there will be a lot of fighting, but there’s also quite a lot of parkour and choices to make. So it’s quite rich, it’s quite chunky.”

Techland noticed the recognition of Dying Light 2’s fight and selected to do a combat-focused enlargement consequently. An area the place a participant can use their full arsenal in artistic methods? Seems a pure match for the fight lovers on the market. To hammer this level dwelling, Smektała guarantees Bloody Ties will “take the violence and brutality” of Dying Light 2 “up a notch.”

Following his complete pitch, I probe Smektała extra on Dying Light 2’s five-year content material plan – how a lot of this plan is “solid” and the way a lot was open to adjustments? “We are quite open about it. For the first 18 months, the plans are quite solid. We know exactly what will happen and there’s quite a specific strategy used by us where we want to experiment with a lot of different content,” he says. “Some of it will be focused on online, some of it will be focused on single-player, some of it will be more combat-based, parkour-based, story-driven, non-story-driven. So the idea is that after the first 18 months, we will understand the community of Dying Light 2 better. For the rest of the time, we have building blocks. We know what will happen there but there’s space to tweak those plans and change them following feedback.”

Smektała acknowledges that it’s unattainable to know what’s going to occur in 4 or 5 years, and so they’ll must maintain abreast of what the group needs. Following up on a profitable game isn’t straightforward, gamers are all the time hungry for brand new content material. Does that strain weigh on the dev crew in any respect? “There’s always pressure, but thankfully I’m a game developer with almost ten years of experience so it’s easier for me to not get too excited, to approach things with a cool head,” he muses. “So of course there are expectations and this means there’s pressure. To be honest, you can’t think too much about the pressure because it will just drive you crazy. So we try not to think about it, we believe this is a very cool addition to the Dying Light universe.”

It’s clear that Tymon believes within the high quality of Bloody Ties. It’s not straightforward to maintain a group’s consideration for half a decade however Smektała and Techland have completed it earlier than with the unique Dying Light, and are aiming to just do that once more with their five-year roadmap. Only time will inform if Dying Light 2 maintains the momentum of its launch. After a recently-announced delay, Bloody Ties will now launch on November 10.

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