TYBW Introduces a Merciless New Quincy Commander


The following incorporates spoilers for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 2, “Foundation Stones,” now streaming on Hulu within the U.S. and on Disney+ internationally.

Bleach‘s new anime is an actual standout within the Fall 2022 season, and simply two episodes in, it is clear that the “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc would be the collection’ most brutal, thrilling and suspenseful of all. The stakes are already excessive and climbing quickly, and Ichigo Kurosaki and his mates do not even perceive the enemy they’re preventing simply but.

Episode 1 launched two low-ranked Arrancars, Asguiaro Ebern and Luders Friegen, who fought for the hidden Quincy empire — however they have been simply warmups. Episode 2 introduces one of many Sternritter, an elite Quincy warrior named Quilge Opie, who lays waste to Hueco Mundo with out mercy. The risk is so dire that Ichigo and his mates are actually preventing to avoid wasting Aizen’s outdated minions.

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Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 2 Unveils the Merciless Quilge Opie

Episode 2 of the Bleach anime’s remaining arc picks up proper the place Episode 1 left off, and the mysterious Quincy empire makes its subsequent transfer. Asguiaro and Luders may need been a risk to Ichigo and his group, however the Quincy king executes each Arrancars, making room for a brand-new villain. Ichigo learns of this when his outdated mates Nelliel and Pesche arrive in a reverse-isekai sequence, warning their ally of a Quincy invasion of the Hollow world, Hueco Mundo. While Ichigo isn’t any good friend of the Arrancars, he’s sympathetic to Nelliel, so he agrees to go to that world with everybody however Uryu in tow. Upon arrival, Ichigo and the others witness a scene of bloody carnage, with slain Arrancars in every single place.

Then viewers meet the one liable for all this. A robust new Quincy warrior launched as Quilge Opie, one of many Sternritter, makes his debut seated on a chair as a handful of captured Arrancars line up towards the wall to await their destiny. Quilge offers his captives a false promise of salvation, then executes half of them earlier than two of the Arrancars, Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia, combat again.

Quilge shortly defeats them, just for Tier Harribel’s three fracciones to reach in launch mode to combat Quilge and his squad of Quincy troopers. This combat makes it evident that Asguiaro and Luders had been the exception by agreeing to combat for the Quincy empire. Most different Arrancars are hostile to the Quincy, preventing to defend their world and no matter honor they’ve left. Ichigo most probably will not cross swords with any Arrancars on this story arc, given their highly effective — and detestable — mutual enemy.

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Bleach’s New Quincy/Arrancar Alliance Is Tenuous at Best

Apacci, Sung-Sun and Mila Rose combat nicely and wipe out most of Quilge’s troops, however as a Sternritter, Quilge himself is a special matter. He defeats the Tres Bestias nearly as simply as he did Loly and Menoly, which isn’t any imply feat. Ichigo and his group can solely watch from a distance for now, however maybe he’ll intervene on behalf of the hapless Arrancars in Episode 3. It appears inevitable that Ichigo will combat Quilge and some other Sternritter anyway, so he would possibly as nicely ambush Quilge right here in Hueco Mundo and attempt to get the higher hand. With Quilge having his palms full with uncooperative Arrancars, that is Ichigo’s greatest and maybe solely probability to take him down.

Episode 2 additionally makes it grimly clear how the Quincy troops view the surviving Arrancars. On one hand, the fallen Sosuke Aizen had formed most Arrancars into nice fighters — full with zanpakuto — however Quilge and the Quincy king do not appear impressed. They merely deal with the Arrancars as low-cost hounds of battle to throw on the enemy whereas the true Quincy troops can hold their palms clear.

Yhwach’s informal perspective about Asguiaro and Luders is simply the beginning; Quilge Opie sees match to execute most Arrancars as a matter after all, and even when he intends to recruit Arrancars, he has his males beat them half to loss of life first. Bleach‘s weird Quincy/Arrancar alliance is already falling aside, however even with out Arrancars preventing for him, Quilge will show a formidable foe. Ichigo should be prepared.

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