Tribes of Midgard – FPS BOOST

Tribes of Midgard - FPS BOOST

We will increase the performance of the game by lowering the resolution below the available in the game, as well as reducing the scale

how to change scale and resolution via config

if your FPS in the game at minimum settings below 30 – then this method suits you perfectly

you need to go to Windows along the path C: \ Users \ Admin \ AppData \ Local \ TOM \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor

and change these parameters in the GameUserSettings file

sg.ResolutionQuality = 100.000000 change to 70 or 50 depending on how potato your pc is /


we find these lines and set the resolution to 960×540

in the game, be sure to set full screen mode.

as it was before the changes

Tribes of Midgard - FPS BOOST

and after lowering the graphical parameters in the config

Tribes of Midgard - FPS BOOST
Tribes of Midgard - FPS BOOST

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