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Transport Fever 2 Download Full Game PC

Transport Fever 2 Download

Transport Fever 2 Download

Transport Fever 2 is an economic strategy in which we create a diverse communication infrastructure. The production is a continuation of the game released on computers in 2016. The Swiss Urban Games studio (known for, among others, the similar title Train Fever) is responsible for its creation. Good Shepherd Entertainment (responsible for publishing the games of the Polish CreativeForge Games studio – Hard West and Phantom Doctrine) took the role of publisher. In Transport Fever 2, our task is to develop infrastructure and build a thriving system covering various means of transport – trains, buses, trucks, ships and even planes. In the game we will find logistics challenges modeled on real events, as well as over 200 vehicles from different eras – from train horses to modern jet planes. Our tasks include defining strategies, building the right facilities, as well as developing and modifying existing ones in such a way that they best suit the most modern means of transport. We analyze numerous statistics and make decisions thanks to which we optimize the operation of the entire system – for example, we determine which route the railway tracks will take and decide on the routes of individual buses or optimize our infrastructure in such a way as to reduce sound and pollution emissions. The production of the Urban Games team also has a map editor, thanks to which we can modify the shape of the world. Interestingly, we can stop the game at any time, load the game state into the editor and change the appearance of the map (for example by adding more cities or factory centers), and then return to fun. The second part also includes traffic lights or one-way expressways. The creators also took care of mods that allow players to customize many aspects of the game to their liking. In Transport Fever 2 PC we can only play alone. We have the opportunity to freely build our own company in free play mode, but the developers have also prepared three campaigns in which we learn – and rewrite – the history of global transport. The campaign begins in 1850 during the American gold rush. There are no other competitive companies controlled by artificial intelligence in the game. Transport Fever 2 Download has a decent, three-dimensional graphic design. The game world is quite detailed and both the bustling metropolises and wild sideways look as they should. The lighting system as well as some lighting effects and elements make a good impression

Transport Fever 2 Download for free only on our site.

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Transport Fever 2 Full Game

How it Works?

1. Transport Fever 2 Download from the server using our installer (click the “Download” button).

2. Open setup.exe.

3. Go through the installation process. Everything is simple and transparent.

4. Enjoy! Now you can play Transport Fever 2 Download for free! All options are available as if you had a original game. Even the multiplayer!

System Requirements:

CPUIntel Core i5-3470T 2.8GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 B99
OSWindows 7 SP1 32 / 64bit, Windows 8.1 32/64bit, Windows 10 32/64bit
Video CardNVidia GeForce GTX 950 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 370X
Free Disk Space40 GB

Transport Fever 2 Download:

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