Total War: Warhammer III – Demons of Chaos Early Game Redline Guide



    This is a short and proven strategy for the early game of playing Demons of Chaos in Immortal Empires TWW3.

    Guide to Daemon of Chaos Strategy


    The context of this short and easy-to-understand guide is fictional/VH difficulty. Keep in mind that playing on other difficulties can change the behavior of the AI ​​and will change things in any case. However, it is likely that the guide is still valid and may even be easier to follow.

    Purpose and execution

    This strategy will be diplomatic. You will rush diplomacy for the Lord skill (top tree). Your goal is to befriend both Malus and Throg. They won’t like you for teaming up with the two, but they won’t hate it either. It calls for some maintenance down the road. This will do 2 main things for you. 1. Secure the southern and western flanks. It creates only one path. 2. Buys you time. For this strategy to work you have to do some gambling. They are basically that Malus and Throg will do well. You’ll want to send them help if needed, but be aware that it can steal the momentum you need from the Eastern Expanse.

    Use any means necessary to befriend them. Sell ​​the settlement to Malus. Even if it takes away an entire province from you. Remember that money buildings in settlements make them more valuable to the AI. And wait at least one turn before selling. They don’t like heat. Join the battle against all their enemies; Malus and Throgg’s – if needed. Your goal is 2 defensive alliances. Be careful to join the battle against the first enemy of Malus even though it will be at your doorstep.

    Then lead the tzeentch faction to the east and finally jump on Boris. Archon is another potentially powerful ally. Go wreak some havoc. Befriending an Archon will put you further away from your victory state, but it will make your life easier.




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