Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

How to do the thing, and when to do it.


This game is cool.

No, really. This game is awesome. Tormented Souls does a remarkable job of blending what made Resident Evil 1 work with what made Silent Hill 1 and 3 work, all while being it’s own, unique experience.

The music, the exploration, the puzzles, and the designs of the world, the characters, and the monsters are all handled with care and skill. On top of all this, the camera angles are just phenomenal. Hats off to those especially.


I’ll be going in order of what you’re likely to pick up. This may not be high-end speed running levels of routing, but it will get you to the end. That’s the goal, right?


* Experiment with using melee attacks to save ammo. While running up to an enemy and swinging won’t do you much good, there may be situations when fighting an enemy where melee can save you ammo, health, and time.

* Building off of the last point, count the # of shots it takes to down an enemy. It could save your life …

* If you don’t want to experiment (lame) I’ve put my experience down below in spoilers

* You lock on to enemies automatically. Use this to your advantage when entering rooms.

* Reload your weapons when inside the menu. It saves time and can be done in the middle of combat w/out penalties.

* Don’t use up all your saves and then complain to the Devs that the save function is unfair. Your saves are one of the many resources you need to juggle in the game. Use them wisely, and only after you’ve completed an adequate amount of progress. You don’t actually need to save after you kill every enemy.

Intro (Restore Power)

Caroline’s Apartment

Not much you can mess up here. Check the front and then check the back.

Private Restroom

Caroline is not living her best life, but it can only go up from here (probably). Walk towards the mirror, enjoy the cinematic, and keep moving. You may notice the door’s locked, but we’ll get that in a minute. In the locker you’ll find a William Diary, to the left of the door you’ll find an instructional sheet, and to the right of the door there will be a puzzle that’ll help you escape. Be sure to take the items inside said puzzle.

East Wing Corridor

Facing away from the restroom door, take a right (your character’s right) and grab the lighter. Equip it to allow yourself to explore within the darkness without taking massive psychic damage. Head down the hall.

Waiting Room

Visit the waiting room to pick up the nail clip, and admire just how poorly the paintings were hung along the wall. A Tismuit Tribe document is available here, as well. This room, and the examination room, can be done later if you’d like.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

East Wing Corridor

Head further down the hall. When you see a diving helmet after some stairs keep your eye out for a Maria Diary. Nearby there should be a map, too. Head down the stairs, but hold off on going through the door. Near the landing is a nail clip, and past an open gated area is a patient report. Once you’ve read the report and opened the locker to grab the hex and socket, head through the door behind you.

Basement East

Spooks! Head left at the t-intersection, turn and head straight. After the cinematic run to the end of the hall (away from wheels) and there should be a door to your right. Enter it.

XRay Room

Cinematic, lore, and dialogue.If you listen closely you can hear a hint of Caroline’s Canadian upbringing (though if you miss it, I apologize). Take the nail gun and loot the room of the following: An Instructional Sheet, Crowbar, nail clip. Talk to the father for a hint and extra lore, and then head down the dark hall. Across from the door is morphine and in the hall itself is a Maria Diary. Use your new crowbar on the “puzzle”, but don’t unequip the lighter.

Generator Room

Check the locker by the door for a nail clip. Nearby is a maintenance crew logbook and further in the room is a map and a small valve. Remember where you picked up the logbook? Head back there and try out your small valve to solve the puzzle.

Basement East

On the map it calls this “Basement West”. Weird. Anyways, kill wheels and head back out to the Waiting Room.

Waiting Room

The two enemies that are now in here are absolutely worth killing.

Dentist Room

Kill the enemy if you’d like. Grab the right side of the heart, morphine, the nail clip, and William diary.

Examination Room

Take the Left Side of a Heart, the 7-inch tape, and examine the cabinet by the door for morphine.

Maternity Ward

A maintenance crew logbook greets us. Keep your eyes open for a nail clip, and while you are in here pull the flashing (pink?) lamp. Head down.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

Little Room

This little room is a little sketch. Grab the 7-inch tape before you light the candles alongside the mirror and step inside.

Little Room (Mirror) and Maternity Ward (Mirror)

Kill Arms, and seek out the morphine and nail clip. If you haven’t combined both pieces of the heart, do so now and then place it into the baby. When you head back to the “real” Maternity Ward take a look at the patient on the bed in order to solve the puzzle and receive the metal T handle. Immediately combine it w/ the hex and socket before heading to the waiting room.

Waiting Room

Use the hex socket w/ handle on the shutter to open up a new area. This is a perfect time to save the game, btw.

Part 1 (Find the Twins)

Main Hall

What a mansion! Collect the one nail clip and then another on the first floor.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

Chapel, Kitchen, Warehouse, Closet

Grab the map and kill the two Arms, finishing it out by grabbing the hidden morphine near the church pews(?). Head through the kitchen and into the Warehouse, where you’ll encounter another Wheels (you can avoid it, but as we are coming back later it might be wise to kill. You’re decision.). You’ll also find Nitric Acid and a nail clip before you exit out the other door.

Once back in the chapel you’ll want to grab the iron door knocker before heading into the Closet to get a nail clip hidden away within a locker. Unlock the gate and head to the Main Hall.

Main Hall and Meeting Room

Head on up to the second floor. If you’re looking at the twin angels statue, take the left door to enter the Meeting Room. Not much in here except morphine, so exit out into the second floor corridor.

Second Floor Corridor

This place is giving me a case of the creeps. Fortunately, it isn’t all that bad. Grab the map and the morphine, the R U N past the knights. To your character’s right there should be a wall switch that’ll flip the lights on. Do so, and then melee the Wall Dudes with your crowbar (stay to their side) to grab an extra nail clip. The hall is clear (for now) so let’s explore.

Sewing Room

Take the nail clip, and the stethoscope. There’s also a Maria diary and a 7-inch tape. Saving in this room gives you a cool easter egg on the load screen, so when you save examine the room first.


The library door has a puzzle (and also what looks to be statues of Quixote and Panza?). Put the door knocker on, read the inscription, and then head back out to the main hall. In the halfway landing between the first and second floors there is a statue. Use the stethoscope, and then suffer for 2-5 minutes as you input the same solution again and again and again.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

Pick up the 7-inch tape, the morphine, the newspaper.

Dining Room Hallway and Dining Room

Take care of Wheels, and then explore. In the Dining Room is a Maria Diary and a man eating soup (oh, and a bolt). The final door in the Dining Room Hallway ought to lead you to the …

Main Hall

Grab the nail clip and unlock the gate. Head to the door right across from the one you left.


You’ll need that maintenance crew logbook. The nail clip is useful, too. Don’t be discouraged by the locked door or the box next to it. You have everything you need in your inventory.

West Wing Corridor and Room 2E

Grab the map and nail clip before you put an end to Wheels. Inside of Room 2E get the maintenance logbook, first aid kit, 7-inch tape inside the locker, and the shotgun shells. If you’re worried you can save here.

Back in the West Wing Corridor you’ll find an elevator. Here’s the plan …

1. Open it and go inside

2. Take it to the First Floor

3. On the first floor, as it opens, you’ll see a cart that requires you’re attention. You’ll need to move FAST and get out, push the cart from the opposite side so that it is half-in the elevator.

4. WITHOUT RIDING BACK UP, you need to walk upstairs to the second floor elevator. Press the button to call it (it won’t appear because the cart is in the way). Then, head to Reception and remove the Bolt.

5. Head back down to the first floor elevator. Remove the cart and get inside FAST.

6. Once you go up there should be a box near the door to the West Wing Hallway. Put the bolt in and turn it on.

West Wing Hallway

Kill the roaming Arms and the Skier. Grab the newspaper.

Observation Room

Grab the pipe w/ attached handle, check the window, and talk for lore. In your rush to leave don’t forget the nail clip.

Dressing Room

There is a Skier in here, but you don’t actually have to kill it. Walk past slowly and take the William Diary and the morphine that’s in the shower. Light the candles, too.The other door leads back into the main hall (shortcut, aw yeah) so as long as you unlock the door and don’t run while in here you’ll be as good as gravy.

Actually this is a great pause point. Save if you’d like. Otherwise, head down to the Studio on the First Floor.


This room would really be lovely if it wasn’t torn to shreds. Take the 7-inch tape and the shotgun shells. If you look closely you can see a hint about the heartbeat statue, which is p cool.

Service Area

This place sucks. Light the candle that is on the landing before you get the diary. Down the steps is another candle you can light. Lure out and murder wheels, then explore the area. Light the third batch of candles (ignore the Public Restroom, we’ll come back) and grab the pipe that smells of sulfur before unlocking the door out to the main hall.

Combine your two pipe parts to create the shotgun.

Disinfectant Room

Shotgun shells and William Diary. Oh, and morphine.

Anesthesia Room

A Tismuit Tribe document greets us. Don’t forget the nail clip across from the crispy corpse.

Operating Room

Take the shotgun shells and the nail clip. Now, remember what you saw outside the window when you were visiting the Observation Room? Use the wall switch to turn out the lights, grab your lighter, and circle about the corpse on the operating table counter clockwise.

When the Biggun gets up, run around him and flip the lights back on. With the lights back on you can settle things with a bit more ease. Clean up and take the scalpel back down to the Service Area.

Service Area

On the map there should be an “A” symbol. It represents a hatch tied off by rope. Use the scalpel on the rope and descend.

Part 2 (Investigate the Morgue)

Boiler Room

This room looks a lot more frightening than it actually is. Grab the shotgun shells from near the TV (what do you think they were watching?) and collect the first aid kit past the Arms. Lighting the candles allows you to shoot without Caroline freaking out in the dark, so don’t forget to use ’em.

Up the stairs is a William Diary and a Skier.

Basement West

Check for candles as you explore, they’re necessary. A nail clip is waiting for you by a woman’s portrait, and a jumpscare is hiding inside a nearby locker (harmless, don’t fret). Past the locker is a toilet you ought to examine (certifiable James Sunderland moment) and across from it is a small metal dial and some morphine.

At the new candles there should be a gate you can open To the left is a small room with an Arms you can lure out w/ running. Grab the morphine and medical record and then head the opposite way where there’s a candle you can light if your faster than the wandering Arms. A nail clip sits nearby, and a door that leads to the Main Hall (yay, shortcuts).

An electrified pool of water halts your path forward …

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

Generator Room

Head back through the Main Hall, taking the East Wing Corridor route to the Generator Room. Then, turn off the generator.

Basement West

Cross the now safe pool of water. Flip the switch on the other side, which will allow you to turn the generator back on and not be fried. Past the obvious door is a newspaper article and a slightly useless shortcut.


This room is so cool.

Unlock the far door and turn the generator back on. Back in the morgue grab the nail clip, the shortcut to the meeting room, and move the fridge away to reveal a secret room.

Experiment Room

Light the candles and exterminate wheels before you touch the menacing statue. Grab the William Diary and morphine from behind the coffin and explore the newly opened section. The Experiment Room Videotape should be in one of the cells.

Meeting Room

Put the videotape into the machine, press play, and enjoy the cinematic.

Experiment Room (vhs)

A Diary is available, and the statue is now a puzzle. Watch a short cinematic once you’ve unlocked the extra area, and then use acid on the chain. Grab the 7-inch tape, and then head back to the Experiment Room (wait …)

Experiment Room

With the chain broken you can access the young child’s diary and the combination key. Combine the combination key w/ the dial and hey presto.

** You can now unlock three specific doors. I recommend this order**

Rest Room (Dining Room)

Examine the key, solve the puzzle. Inside is the Chapel Videotape and shotgun shells. When you leave the enemy is right outside, so run to the door. You should be able to make it to the door w/out damage.


Take the William Diary, the First Aid Kit, the High-Power Charge, and the Old Car Battery.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide


Examine the hint on the walls and the collect the shotgun shells and 7-inch tape. The other door will lead you out into the main hall, but behind the counter. Go there and solve the cash register puzzle after you’ve read the maintenance crew logbook. Collect your coin and morphine.


Use the coin on the vending machine to get the blood bag.

Meeting Room and Chapel (vhs) and Closet (vhs)

Trade out the Experiment Room VHS for the Chapel VHS. Head to the Closet (vhs) and hook up the car battery.


In the real closet the car battery is now all prepped. Go on, take it.


Use the car battery on the lift. Kill the two skiers and retrieve the metal disc w/ handle and the nail clip. The 7-inch tape is the final item here. It is now time for the Intensive Care Corridor. If you are looking for a good place to save, here it is.

Part 3 (Intensive Care Corridor)

Intensive Care Corridor

Solve the door puzzle and kill the two skiers.


Aw, beans. Better take care of this problem, but no need to rush. There’s a 7-inch tape here, too.

Bathroom 2A-2B

Light up the mirror and pop in.

Room 2D (mirror)

Collect the shotgun shells and use the scalpel on the guillotine to gain the parchment scroll.

Bathroom 2C-2D (mirror)

The morphine and hammer are here, definitely take the latter. Contemplate the former.

2D (mirror)

Please do NOT run in here. There’s an enemy you can avoid. Open the chest and take the plastic arm. Near a bed is some shotgun shells. The Skier in here is guarding the door. Either kill it or get close and open the door.

The door leads out to the Intensive Care Corridor (mirror), just open the gate for now. We’ll be back later.


Use parchment scroll on the monkey podium and solve the puzzle (you’ll need the hammer) to get staple gun. Adjust the power of the staple gun and then unlock the door.

2B (mirror) and 2B

Use the arm on the mannequin. Staple it w/ the staple gun. Now, head back to 2B and talk a bit to receive the electric lamp. Congratulations, you’ve ascended.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

Intensive Care Corridor (mirror) and 2A (mirror)

Kill the Wall Dude just past the gate and enter 2A. Once inside, introduce yourself to Wheels with whatever method you would like. Unlock the gate and then unlock the door.


Nail clip is here. Since you’ve unlocked the gate in the mirror world, you can now access the Electric Lance. This thing absolutely, undeniably, is a 100% decent item. Oh, take the first aid kit as well.

Part 4 (Find the Doctor)

So, the good news is that the village of Piplantri plants a tree every time a girl is born, which is a wonderful way to celebrate new life and build strong community bonds. The bad news is that additional enemy spawns have been triggered now that you’ve taken the electric lamp.


Service Area

Navigate through the West Wing Hallway and Dressing Room to access the Main Hall, and from there reach the Service Area through the Chapel and Studio. Now that there’s an Arms upstairs and two downstairs in the Main Hall you’ll have to walk. In the Chapel there should be two skiers, which are worth killing.

Service Area has a Skier, you can either avoid it or kill it.

Public Restroom

As soon as you walk in you can target the Arms. In here is a Young Child’s Diary, so grab it for lore.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide


On the way to the Laundry kill the Arms, and then beat the Wall Dude with a crowbar. Besides the soothing rhythm of a wash cycle you’ll find a Maria Diary and a nail clip. Examine the washing machine, walk away, and get ready for a surprise attack! From the washer you can now retrieve the empty box. Combine it w/ the blood before you forget.

Shower Room

There’s something wildly funny about pea-green soup water. But what isn’t funny is the First Aid Kit, the High-Power Charge, and the floppy disk. The shotgun shells, however, are very funny.

Kitchen (vhs)

Head to the Meeting Room and pop in the vhs. In the Kitchen you’ll want to take the combined blood/box and put it in the freezer.


You can now get the medallion made from frozen blood! Yuck!


Examine both side of the floppy. You’ll need to examine both sides and play around with it. Once this is done, head to the computer and enter the code to re-write the floppy. Once you are done please remember to take the floppy out so you don’t have to walk all the way back (it’s annoying, can confirm).

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide


Use the floppy near the door to gain admittance. Kill the Arms that’s taken up residence and collect the morphine, as well as the worn vinyl record and 7-inch tape. A Maria Diary can be found in here, too.


What a cool room. Watch the cinematic and then act!

From here on out there’s a chance upon going through a door that a certain rotund enemy will chase after you. You’ll know the appearance of this worrisome foe by a change in music. With that in mind you have two choices open to you …

A) Muster your courage and face this frightful creature


… the choice is yours.

Children’s Room

Lovely music in here, as well as a young child’s diary.


Upon entering don’t forget to unlock the door and check the chair. With that out of the way take the William Diary and the WE-40 (Original spray, do not steal).

Maternity Ward (mirror)

Open the door, you now have all the items you need.

Delivery Room (mirror)

Consume the shotgun shells and head to the mirror.

Delivery Room and East Wing Hall

Head through the door to the East Wing Hall, making sure to look at all the paintings on the wall. Collect the final Maria Diary and some morphine and kill the two Arms before tackling the clock puzzle (hint: you have what you need already).

With the eye you can now unlock the door and head back to the Office for some shenanigans.


Use the eye on the statue and use the record on the record player. Solve the puzzle and explore away!

Part 5 (Obligatory Sewer Level)

Pumping Room

Take the nail clip and the young child’s diary. Further down you can get the Bertran diary and the William ID card.

Main Hall

Inside the Main Hall there is a downstairs area. Waiting down there is an arms, as well as a panel you can slot three things into. Insert the ID Card, the Frozen Blood Medallion, and the Key Dial (puzzle). Head through the door behind you.

Stairs and Decrepit Bathroom

Head down, take the first door. Inside the Decrepit Bathroom is a High-Power Charge and a 7-inch tape. I strongly recommend saving here. Head out and take the right path (follow the signs) and head through the door.



Well, this is certainly a situation. Solve the puzzle and keep going. Once you’ve made it to the passage deal w/ the two Bigguns (interesting how well they hear running, but not shotgun blasts. I mean, I’m not complaining, just funny) and teach the Wall Dude the benefits of being crowbarred to death. Then head through the door.

In 3B enjoy the architecture of the room before you grab the –> syringe <– and the High-Powered Charge. There’s also an easy-to-miss Bertran diary in here.


Welcome back! Head down the way you didn’t go yet.

Mausoleum and Hidden Meeting Chamber

The Biggun in here poses little threat, but don’t forget the Bertran Diary and High-Powered Charge.

When heading down the hall take the first door and enter into the Hidden Meeting Chamber. You’ll have access to morphine and Noah’s Diary. A 7-inch tape is available, too.

Back in the Mausoleum you’ll find two Bigguns. You’ll also find shotgun shells and a puzzle involving an angel statue and an ornate carving. If you’d like, you can avoid killing the second Biggun to save ammo.


While nowhere near as frustrating as the SH1 sewer and not even half the length of the sewers in SH3, this place can get you turned around pretty quick. There’s a Biggun here that can be lured out and looped around a patient chair, saving you some ammo (BE SURE TO GET THE NEARBY BERTRAN DIARY FIRST). But before you aggro be sure to collect the High-Powered Charge. Run past it, head down the stairs, then head across the bridge and unlock the door on the right. Go through, say hello to the shortcut, and come back in.

Across from the door is a young child’s diary. Collect it and move forward, eliminating the Biggun that looms from out of the shadows. Hold off on taking that path for right now, though. Instead, continue the way you were going.

Approach what looks to be a cross with two flames on the wall (notice the shiny on the floating barrel) and turn the wheel to allow yourself access down a set of small steps. Collect the old television dial and the penultimate young child’s diary that’s near the t-intersection that you took to access the wheel.

Head back to where you killed the Biggun and take that path. Go through the door at the end.

Sewer Storage Room

Quaint. Cozy. Child Abuse. This underground bunker seems to have it all!

Collect the morphine, examine the note, and retrieve the final young child’s diary and a 7-inch tape. Then, enter the mirror.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide


Anyways, let’s get started. Grab the diary and use the tv dial on the tv to solve a cool puzzle. Take the item you get and skedaddle back through the mirror.

Sewer Storage Room

Back in the Sewer Storage Room open the vault, take the item. Combine it with what you just got.

Now, it is time for the time-honored sewer-level tradition … 

Children’s Room

Place the Eclipse Necklace on the wall where it needs to go. Enjoy the exploration, cinematic, and grab the young child’s diary and the metal fishing hook.


Push the button and take the Dentist Room VHS.

Meeting Room

Play the Dentist Room VHS.

Dentist Room (vhs), East Wing Corridor (vhs), and Private Restroom (vhs)

Check the room and then head to the corridor, where the final William Diary is available. Inside the restroom you’ll find another use for your scalpel. Combine the new item w/ the fishing hook and then it is time to move on.


Near where you got the tv dial was a large door w/ two retinal scanners. Head there and place the fish hook w/ eye on one and examine the other (press the button on it to activate a cinematic). Head through the door, enjoy the cinematic and lore, and then another cinematic.

Now, before you head through there is one final thing to do: save the game.

Part 6 (End)

Head back to the retinal scanner vault, and go through the hole in the wall. Just before the next door is a Bertran Diary.

Bunker Entrance

There’s a nail clip pretty close by the railing and stairs. The puzzle(?) can be solved w/ relative ease using the combination lock you received a while back.

Bunker Stairs and Bunker 1A

Take the High-Powered Charge and head through the door. At this point the music is really popping off, but take it slow. Find the Pollux Sect Diary and turn at the first opportunity to beat up the Biggun and collect your first metal cap. Head down the other path, eliminate the enemy, and take the 7-inch Tape.

Bunker 1-2B

Take the Maintenance Crew Logbook and the Nail Clip. We’ll be back here later for a puzzle.

Bunker 2A and Bunker 2C

Walk up and defeat your first Rad Man and enter the door to reach Bunker 2C. Collect the second metal cap before leaving and running to the opposite end of the 2A hall.

Bunker Stairs

Run in-between the iron maiden, wait for the spikes, run back with the morphine. Across from the morphine is another Bertran Diary. Head down the stairs and take the door.

Bunker 3B

First, go left and collect the Pollux Sect Diary. Go the opposite way and hug the wall to your left (there should be a skeleton jutting out of the wall. In the bed room grab the metal cap and the shotgun shells. Two Rad Men are now active, so retrace your path to the door and go through, come back in, and kill one of them. With one dead you can loop the other and not get caught.

Bunker 3C and Bunker 3A

Cool, a nail clip right as we come in. Careful when moving forward as there is an iron maiden across the way that may stab you if you are slow. At the t-intersection go down (your character’s left) and get the Bertran Diary. Then go up (your character’s right) and you’ll find yourself at another T-intersection. Go down (character’s right) to access Bunker 3A and get the First Aid Kit and not one, but two Bigguns. Keep going even further for a nail clip and a door that leads you back to the Bunker Stairs and opens up a shortcut. But Let’s hold off on going downstairs for now.

Head back to the second T-Intersection in Bunker 3C and go up (your character’s left) to defeat a Biggun to access Prison.


This room is surprisingly short, but feels massive. Take the shotgun shells and kill the Rad Man. The first room on the left ought to have a High-Powered Charge and the second room on the left will have the path forward. In the third room on the right is morphine.

Head up the stairs to grab the gas canister and Pollux Sect Diary. With all this we can now complete a puzzle we left behind earlier on.

Bunker 1-2B

Use the metal caps on the maze of pipes and the gas can near the spout. Now, do the puzzle. If you are feeling lost check the crew log book.

*****Endings Warning*****

I would recommend saving your game here, and if you are not juggling your saves then making two. This is, approximately, where the game will be splitting off between the bad, neutral, and good end. Don’t worry, though, because this is not the last save.

Bunker Stairs

Head to the lowest floor and grab the nail clip. Use the gas canister on the machine and keep heading down.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide


Collect the Pollux Sect Diary before heading too far in.

Preparation Room

Enjoy the cinematic, lore, and the reveal. Welcome your four friends and show them your gun collection before acquiring the cross-shaped key, morphine, high-powered charge, and shotgun shells. Use the cross-shaped key on the cross-shaped hole, and then …

Bad End: Run directly past the woman on the cross.

Neutral and Good End: Examine the woman on the cross and use the syringe. Then, collect the bolt cutters from behind her.

… head into the elevator.


There is a 7-inch tape and a save station. This is the final save station of the game. Please be careful about saving over your file if you are trying to attain all endings. Collect the final Bertran Diary and head through the door.

Slaughter Room

Head down the stairs and reunite with Father and God.

This fight (our first and only boss fight) is rather straight forward, but can be rather frustrating if done wrong. I would recommend going in the order below so as not to repeat and/or miss any valuable items.

First up, hit the boss. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when the tentacles unravel from the three machines around the room. Go to any of the machines, do enough damage to send the tentacle fleeing (do it quickly or it resets), and play a short minigame where you click the button at the right time to send the bar through the hole. If you mess up the minigame then the tentacles show back up and you gotta go hit the boss again. While all this is happening the boss will shoot blood-acid, which can be avoided by moving slightly out of the way.

Repeat the above three times for a scene right out of Looney Tunes and collect the shotgun shells, first-aid kit, nail clip, and another nail clip. Take the elevator up.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide

If Bad End …

Head to the Main Hall and use the cross-shaped key on the front door. Enjoy your absolutely rad outro song

If Neutral End …

Head to the Main Hall and use the cross-shaped key on the front door. Enjoy your contemplative outro song.

If Good End …

Head to the Meeting Room and use the Experiment Room VHS. Go to the gate with a padlock and chain and use the bolt cutters on the chain. Talk to Anna. In the Main Hall use the cross-shaped key on the door. Enjoy the best outro song.

Congratulations on playing and beating Tormented Souls. One of the fun parts of these games is running through a second, third, etc time with what you already know, seeing how well you can do and how fast you can go. Give it a try, and good luck.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Tormented Souls Walkthrough Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank AigisABC. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.