Top music brand Monstercat launches DJ Simulator immersive experience for Roblox.

    • Monster is bringing its own Roblox immersive experience.
    • DJ Simulator lets you live out your dreams of becoming a big stage DJ.
    • Find it now on Roblox, play and remix over 350 records.

    Monstercat, the independent EDM music label, has announced the release of its new immersive experience for Roblox with DJ Simulator. Debuting with hundreds of records for you to play and remix, it’s also set to receive constant updates with new music and content, and even climb the DJ leaderboards.

    You may remember Monstercat if you’re of a certain age (like me) from being on almost constant repeat on YouTube during the halcyon days of EDM. And given the Canadian independent music label’s long history, it’s still impressive that the experience will feature more than 350 Monstercat Uncaged, Instinct, and Silk records.

    DJ Simulator is exactly what it says on the tin. You want to live your dreams of becoming a big stage DJ in a pseudo-guitar hero style game. Play in eight different themed stages, customize your DJ look and interact with other users who can use emotes to boost the digital crowd.

    mostly harmless

    Sure, we can all see the word activation, and it’s still weird that Roblox insists on calling its minigames ‘experiences’. But marketing aside, this looks to be a pretty solid release from Monstercat. And while those who imagine themselves more as a DJ than a rock star, there’s quite a difference, we imagine, from that nostalgic feeling of looking back at the days when EDM dominated sold-out concerts. It cannot be denied.

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