Toilet Fighter Codes (October 2023)


    Fighting toilets in Toilet Fighters is hard, dirty work, so I like to let my units do it for me. Defeating the baths allows me to collect coins and summon more units, including units with shiny status. As the power of my army grows, so does the number of coins I get and the number of defeated baths I leave behind.

    Codes allow you to obtain various rewards in Toilet Fighters. With codes, you can ensure you get off to a good start with in-game currency, unique cosmetics, and powerful units. Feel free to check out more Roblox content like Skibi Toilet Tycoon codes in Pro Gaming Guides.

    List of all Toilet Fighters codes

    Toilet fighter codes (working)

    • There are no working codes for Toilet Fighters at this time.

    Toilet Fighter Codes (Expired)

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    How to redeem codes in Toilet Fighters

    Redeem codes at Bathroom fighters It is a simple process that allows you to get free items. Follow the steps below to use codes and claim your rewards in this Roblox game.

    Image from MyFullGames
    • Launch toilet fighters.
    • press the ABX codes button.
    • Select the Enter the code Text’s box.
    • Enter the code.
    • Click Redeem to claim your rewards.

    How to get more Toilet Fighters codes

    The best way to ensure you get more codes and see when new ones are added is to bookmark this page. We update our Toilet Fighters codes list frequently. You can also follow the developer. @OceanStudiosRB on Twitter and join the Bathroom fighters Discord, although Discord appears to be down as of this writing.

    Why aren’t my codes working in Toilet Fighters?

    You may notice that some codes do not work when redeeming them in Toilet Fighters. While there are several reasons for this, the most common is that the code has expired. Codes will not work when used after the expiration date. Mistyping the code when entering it also causes problems, since the code must be typed exactly as it appears. Finally, some codes only work after meeting specific requirements or during certain events.

    Other ways to get rewards in Toilet Fighters

    While codes are the best way to get free rewards in Toilet Fighters, you can get free rewards in other ways. At the top of the screen is an hourglass with a stopwatch. When the timer reaches zero, you can receive free units based on your playing time. The more you play, the more free units you can get.

    What are bathroom fighters?

    Toilet Fighters is a Roblox game where you collect powerful fighters to fight hordes of toilets. With numerous worlds to discover and multiple units to collect, you can build your army however you want and increase your power. Experience all the unique fighters, bathroom enemies, and everything the game has to offer as you progress through Toilet Fighters.

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