Today’s Weaver Response: April 7, 2023 (updated daily)


    In the world of word games, Weaver has been gaining popularity among avid fans of the popular word game Wordle. Weaver’s rules are similar to Wordle’s, in that players are given a word that they must guess by trying different letter combinations. The difference is that in Weaver, players have a limited number of attempts to solve the puzzle, which adds an extra layer of challenge to the game.

    Starting with a word like “only” and aiming to work their way up to a final word of “fog”, players can change the “j” to an “m” to create “must”. The following exchange changes the “u” to an “i”, resulting in the final word “fog”. With just two trades, the player wins the challenge.

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    What is Weaver’s response today?

    As with any crossword puzzle or word game, some days can be more challenging than others and players may have a hard time finding the correct answer. Fortunately, we have solved it for you!

    We connected several different combinations and were able to solve the Weaver of the Day with the following word combinations:

    • Diet
    • strength of
    • Have dinner
    • Made
    • Pussy
    • Coke

    If you know of a different word combination or any of the words above don’t work for you, please leave a comment below!

    Where can I play Weaver?

    Once you’re done with Word of the Day, you can jump into Weaver. The game has its own dedicated website that can be found here.

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