Titans Might Have Revived Deathstroke


trailer for season 4 titans has indicated that many arcs will collide in what promises to be another action-packed chapter. Lex Luthor is into the occult, teaming up with the vicious Mother Mayhem and the Church of Blood to wreak havoc on Metropolis. Also, Gar, sporting his comic book costume, appears to be suffering mental damage, while Superboy may finally be giving in to Lex’s offer to partner.

However, there are a couple of quick snaps of the Titans in battle that left fans stunned for a key comeback. It looks like a sword-wielding Deathstroke is back, intent on slicing up Dick, Conner, and the rest of the crew. But this time, the unique creative twists could make the Terminator much more powerful than before.

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Deathstroke could be supernaturally resurrected on titans

At the end of Season 2, Slade’s children Jericho and Rose helped Nightwing and company end Slade Wilson’s reign of terror. Rose, as Ravager, pierced her father with a blade, offsetting the attempt to infiltrate and destroy the team. Since then, Slade has only been briefly mentioned, leading many to believe that he was actually put to bed. But the way he’s back in the trailer, sporting his iconic helmet and suit, bloodthirsty, he feels as if Slade is resuming his old vendetta.

But how could this happen? One option is for Lex and the Church to use his magical power to bring him back. Seeing that the Church worships Trigon, they can easily access a dark milieu of revival, using someone familiar with the Titans as their warhound. This could give Slade unique powers and a healing factor, according to the books, making him even more deadly. There is also the option that they heard about a Lazarus Pit; a concept used to resurrect Dick in season 3. Lex and Mother Mayhem may have known about another group, reviving Slade and keeping him frozen until just the right moment.

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Titans can twist Deathstroke’s mantle in a dark way

While there’s no announcement that Esai Morales will reprise his role as Slade, the show could be throwing fans a curveball regarding who’s under the mask. Many assume he is Slade, but since the Titans have so many villains lurking in the shadows, someone else could have sent another agent with Slade’s team, just to pick on Dick given his connection and bloody war.

A big curveball could be that it’s Jason Todd in the suit. He left, seeking absolution for the crimes he enacted as the Red Hood, but could have been kidnapped, brainwashed, and turned into a new Deathstroke. With Dick fighting ninjas in the trailer, it could be that Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins are looking at Gotham, remixing how they used Jason after reviving him in the books.

By turning Bruce’s son into this perversion, it would be a sign of his intent to have a symbol of the bat family that breaks the heroes. This would tie into Bruce’s mistakes having repercussions, Jason (who was also revived via a Pit in season 3) apparently has no way out, and would create an avenue for Rose and Jericho to return in the future. Ultimately, he would shape another bombshell in a series that loves misdirection, and would play on Jason’s anger, forging a warped Deathstroke that the Titans might have a harder time quelling since he knows them all inside out. .

Titans Season 4 will premiere on November 3 on HBO Max.

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