Titans Could Connect Lex Luthor to Perpetua


With the Titans Season 4 trailer lastly right here, followers have been parsing by means of the visuals and obsessing over what number of arcs are colliding. The Church of Blood is wreaking havoc; Beast Boy (in a comics-accurate go well with) appears to be experiencing a psychological breakdown; whereas Raven is as soon as extra battling her darkish future as Trigon’s daughter. Simply put, a lot goes down, which is able to absolutely take a look at Dick Grayson’s crew like by no means earlier than.

To make issues worse, Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor has arrived, working with Mother Mayhem and the Blood cult. Lex is shifting from science to the occult, keen to hunt out extra energy in a world that has superheroes rising throughout. However, whereas many assume Lex could also be aiming to hook up with Trigon, the god he actually desires to satisfy could also be much more harmful.

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Titans’ Lex Luthor Could Be Eyeing Perpetua

Lex drops a key line within the trailer, stating the gods already know who he’s. This hints at a challenge Lex has had an affiliation with for a while, and that perhaps he is taking part in the Church. It would match his conceited character and the general puppet grasp nature he cuts, utilizing villains as pawns.

Thus, seeing because the Church is embracing him, and that there isn’t any telling what different mystical secrets and techniques and relics Lex has uncovered on his personal, he could possibly be merely in search of a gateway to a different god. This being will not be within the hell often known as Azarath, the place the banished Trigon resides; it may really be the cage that Perpetua has been locked away in. That jail, often known as the Totality, was launched within the comics in 2018, so Titans can remix the arc of the final word goddess coming to life and empowering Lex.

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Perpetua and Lex Have Been a Monstrous Duo

Perpetua was a high-level deity (one of many Hands from the Omniverse) who made the primary Multiverse, solely to have her sons (the World Forger, Anti-Monitor and Monitor) betray her for making Apex Predators (people blended with White Martians). She was imprisoned for her chaos-seeking methods, though she’d affect disaster after disaster. Eventually, Lex freed her, being reworked into an Apex Predator himself, and serving to Perpetua take down the Justice League.

This was one of many few occasions Lex was cool being somebody’s servant, though he grew eager on usurping her energy in time. After all, Perpetua was linked to creation, all realities and the Source Wall, which is why Titans‘ Lex could possibly be obsessive about transcending in a most sudden approach. Sure, Trigon’s energy and legion can supply management over the dominion of Earth, however ought to Lex develop into Perpetua’s trusted right-hand man, he’d get to assist remake actuality, which is a mission she was glad for him to be a part of. Ultimately, this sinister job would flip the script, and shock followers who anticipate one other Trigon retread. The stakes could be greater in a cosmic sense and make the Titans much more essential than the Justice League in opposition to a Lex that not even Superman may deal with.

Titans Season 4 will premiere Nov. 3 on HBO Max.

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