Tiger & Bunny 2’s Ultimate Battle for Stern Bild Begins


The following article accommodates spoilers for Tiger & Bunny 2 Episode 22, ”Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before”, now streaming on Netflix.

Following the occasions of Tiger & Bunny 2‘s twenty-first episode, the heroes of Stern Bild City have determined to go well with up and take down Gregory Sunshine as soon as and for all — violating their contracts and the city-wide suspension of superheroics within the course of. Still, it is a worthwhile trade-off to cease the villain, whose latest goal is Abbas Prison, a penitentiary for prison NEXTs.

With assist from a jail guard covertly working for Ouroboros, Gregory knocks out all of the prisoners with sleeping fuel, earlier than visiting their cells one after the other and utilizing his powers to set them on a senseless rampage.

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The Newly Mindless Stern Bild Prisoners Rampage Across the City

Following the prisoners’ escape, the town locks down the block the place Abbas Prison is located. As the police chief orders all items beforehand defending Little Aurora to take care of the rampage, the heroes arrive, making fast work of a number of the escapees. Agnes broadcasts the battle on Hero TV, and the entire metropolis is transfixed. The response among the many denizens is combined — whereas many are thrilled by the heroes’ return, the information tries to spin them as irresponsible lawbreakers, and Magical Cat’s mom is horrified by her daughter’s actions. When Yuri Petrov is ordered to discover a resolution to the issue, he seems to be into Kotetsu’s file, intrigued by a point out of ”Mission A”.

As Mr. Black battles a complete crowd of Xs, his former associate He Is Thomas watches on Hero TV. Ruby asks if Thomas will spring into motion to assist Black; Thomas thinks again on his associate’s phrases to go away Stern Bild to him, and assumes that leaping into the struggle would harm Mr. Black’s delight.

Police backup arrives within the type of a squad of armored mechs, whose first precedence is to cease the superheroes. With the First Leaguers dealing with opponents from a number of sides, Gregory assumes the mission is successful and calls Sigourney Rosicky asking if he can depart now. Rosicky, nevertheless, insists he keep longer, a lot to Gregory’s chagrin.

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As Gregory prowls the underbelly of Abbas, he comes throughout a particular prisoner cell. When he peeks inside, he finds the prisoner nonetheless acutely aware; whereas he panics at first, he quickly deduces the individual’s id, realizing he can use them to his benefit.

Golden Ryan and Blue Rose make their technique to Abbas to take care of Gregory, requesting backup from Kotetsu. However, Kotetsu quickly finds his plate full because of Edward — a NEXT prisoner and Origami Cyclone’s childhood good friend. Edward drags Kotetsu towards the bridge into Stern Bild’s mainland, and Origami Cyclone and Wild Bison rush to help the hero. Origami is livid that his outdated good friend — who vowed to show over a brand new leaf following his launch — is now getting used as Gregory’s instrument to harm folks. He reluctantly knocks Edward unconscious, and he and Wild Bison vow to take Gregory down for Edward’s sake.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Blue Rose make it to Abbas and confront Gregory. Unfortunately for them, the villain has backup within the type of the particular prisoner — L.L. Audun. Audun was arrange earlier in Tiger & Bunny 2 as Fugan and Mugan’s idol, a NEXT vigilante who additionally served as Mr. Legend’s nemesis, finally being arrested for the homicide of a number of law enforcement officials. Audun wastes no time in attacking the 2 heroes simply because the episode smash-cuts to the credit.

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Tiger & Bunny 2’s Shocking Reveal in Episode 22’s Post-Credits Scene

Given how highly effective L.L. Audun was established to be, it is onerous to consider a greater technique to increase the stakes in Tiger & Bunny 2‘s remaining act. Somehow, the post-credits scene manages to go even additional.

As Little Aurora is pushed into Stern Bild, one of many mayor’s aides informs him of her arrival — earlier than handing him a gun. It’s right here that the mayor’s eyes glow a sinister yellow, signifying that he is being possessed by Rosicky. Worse nonetheless, the 2 of them chuckle that Mission A is lastly coming to fruition, revealing its true nature — the assassination of Little Aurora.

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