Tiger & Bunny 2 Sees an Unlikely Team-up


The following article accommodates spoilers for Tiger & Bunny 2 Episode 24, “Union is Strength”, now streaming on Netflix.

Following the occasions of Tiger & Bunny 2‘s earlier episode, eight of the twelve First League heroes have been defeated by L. L. Audun, an almighty NEXT vigilante who has allied with Gregory Sunshine. As Mr. Black and He Is Thomas do battle with the formidable foe, Kotetsu and Barnaby attempt to save Little Aurora from Sigourney Rosicky — at the moment possessing the physique of their former nemesis, Lunatic.

Kotetsu and Barnaby ask the villain why she’s so devoted to killing Aurora, questioning if she has towards her to which she offers a shocking reply, telling the 2 heroes she’s preventing to avoid wasting all NEXTs.

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Sigourney Rosicky’s Motives are Finally Revealed

The subsequent scene elaborates on this revelation. In a flashback, Rosicky’s aide asks her why she at all times clutches a framed image of her childhood self surrounded by buddies when utilizing her powers. Rosicky explains that she and her buddies had been all NEXTs who grew up in an orphanage, however she and her buddies struggled to be adopted as a consequence of anti-NEXT stigma.

Sigourney would ultimately be adopted by Ouroboros as one of many ”Nemo Children”, taken in as a result of usefulness of her powers. Unfortunately, her buddies’ powers had been seen as much less fascinating and had been left behind on the orphanage. Years later when Rosicky went to go to them, she discovered they’d all dedicated suicide, feeling nugatory after by no means being adopted.

It was this incident that led Rosicky to resent the tradition of NEXTs solely being valued for his or her utility to non-NEXTs. She then vowed to make use of her place inside Ouroboros to alter the world for the higher, willingly utilizing her colleagues as pawns in service of her objective. She singled out Aurora as a goal because it was her emergence that led to non-NEXTs solely valuing NEXTs for his or her powers, earlier than berating the heroes for his or her position in exacerbating that very same stigma.

With Kotetsu and Barnaby busy preventing Rosicky, and Mr. Black and He Is Thomas being crushed by Audun, the opposite escaped prisoners are left free to rampage by the town. Just when issues are at their direst, nonetheless, Fire Emblem and Sky High emerge from the rubble to assist some civilians. Agnes reveals concern for his or her accidents following their battle with Audun, however the two heroes insist that so long as they put on their hero fits, they’ve an obligation to guard the individuals.

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The First Leaguers Return When All Hope Looks Lost

The different beforehand defeated First Leaguers all rise up as effectively, renewing their vows as heroes. Magical Cat’s mom watches the newscast as her daughter defiantly returns to motion, and thinks again in disgrace at her makes an attempt at controlling her daughter. Meanwhile, Mr. Black and He Is Thomas wrestle to do any harm to Audun. Thomas tells Black to remain again, however Mr. Black insists they work as a crew, begging his associate to belief him for as soon as. Thomas manages to create a gap for Black, who materializes a drill from his limitations, with which he sends Audun flying. Thomas lastly rejects Audun’s creed of believing in nothing however one’s personal power, and renews his partnership with Black.

Unfortunately, Audun is not down for the rely, and he stands again as much as knock Thomas and Black out. Back on the combat with Rosicky, Kotetsu expresses his sympathies to her, however tells her that does not give her the suitable to kill harmless individuals. When Barnaby and Kotetsu’s Hundred Power lastly returns, Barnaby restrains Rosicky, and Kotetsu lands a Hyper Good Luck Mode assault, incapacitating Lunatic’s physique. Rosicky transfers her thoughts management to one in every of her assistants on the scene, however Kotetsu and Barnaby encompass her earlier than she will be able to kill Aurora.

Suddenly, Gregory arrives in a police mech and shoots Rosicky’s assistant, killing Rosicky within the course of as effectively, earlier than setting Audun on the 2 heroes. Luckily for Kotetsu and Barnaby, Audun realizes that Gregory’s been mendacity to him, and that the First Leaguers he is been preventing had been by no means villains. He decides to surrender the combat and go assist the civilians of Stern Bild, however earlier than he can, Gregory makes use of his powers to ship him on a rampage.

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Lunatic Teams Up With His Former Enemies to Stop Audun

It’s then when Lunatic arrives on the rescue, vowing to assist Kotetsu and Barnaby combat Audun. He thinks again on his mom’s phrases that the blood of a superhero flows by his veins, and his father’s phrases to remain true to his personal sense of justice. Yuri rejects ”the voice of Thanatos” that had been guiding him as Lunatic for the previous two seasons, as a substitute declaring that he follows his personal voice.

The three heroes cost Audun collectively, and the newscaster broadcasting the battle is dumbfounded on the sudden alliance. Unfortunately, their mixture of assaults does little to have an effect on Audun, and Kotetsu units his sights on Gregory as a substitute, barking on the villain to let Audun go.

He restrains Gregory to stop him from hugging him, reasoning that that have to be the set off for Gregory’s powers. Unfortunately for Kotetsu, his speculation is mistaken, and Gregory showcases the true set off by licking Kotetsu — setting him on a rampage similar to Audun, and leaving Barnaby and Lunatic alone to face two mighty opponents in Tiger & Bunny 2‘s remaining episode.

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