As excited as many Marvel Cinematic Universe followers are for the upcoming Thunderbolts film, simply as many as barely miffed over the group’s roster. Far extra grounded and road degree in comparison with any of the lineups from the comics, some see the group as probably being Thunderbolts in title solely. And one determine many needed on the group was Abomination, however he is nowhere to be discovered.

Nevertheless, one other gamma-irradiated powerhouse may nonetheless present up on the group — and it is not the Incredible Hulk. Instead, some suspect that Hulk’s son Skaar will quickly make his MCU debut, and the Thunderbolts might be the group he makes his residence at. And if that is the case, he’d not solely up the group’s energy but additionally match proper in with their central premise.

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Abomination May Not Be the MCU’s Only Heavy-Hitter

The Hulk as soon as discovered a brand new residence on the planet Sakaar, along with his fame as a gladiator showcased throughout Thor: Ragnarok. Now, in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Bruce Banner has as soon as once more ventured to the alien world, supposedly having some enterprise there. Many followers consider that mentioned enterprise may contain the revelation of the existence of Skaar, the son of Hulk from the comedian books. In the supply materials, Skaar was the son of Hulk and an alien named Caiera and was birthed from a cocoon after Hulk had departed from the planet.

Quickly rising to be the equal of a young person, Skaar would inherit his dad and mom’ talents, specifically his father’s huge energy. Feeling deserted by his dad and fittingly stuffed with rage, Skaar would come to Earth with the intent to kill the Hulk. In the MCU, such a rivalry was as soon as held by Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination. Now, that character has seemingly been taken off the board, which explains why he isn’t within the Thunderbolts. Nevertheless, the same character within the type of Skaar may fill his function, all whereas becoming higher on this model of the group.

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Why Skaar Fits What the Thunderbolts Is Trying to Do

In the comics, the Thunderbolts are a group of villains posing as heroes who find yourself truly taking to the function. That will not be the case within the MCU, with the group as an alternative involving the likes of Winter Soldier, US Agent and Russian Captain America equal Red Guardian. The solely true villains on the group are Ghost and Taskmaster, But within the case of the previous, she wasn’t a cut-and-dry evil particular person. Thus, a greater rationalization is that the Thunderbolts are a bunch of misunderstood heroes and antiheroes who’ve gone via issues and unite for a typical good.

That rationalization may additionally clarify Skaar if he joins the group. Likely sharing this comedian e-book counterpart’s anger at his father for seemingly abandoning him, he would come to Earth stuffed with rage, able to strike at whoever acquired in his approach. For this purpose, he might ally himself with the Thunderbolts, searching for to take down no matter risk unites them. Having Skaar alongside for the experience would additionally present for some uncooked manpower, one thing with the MCU Thunderbolts group is in determined want of. After all, everybody else on the group is a mere street-level character. Adding Skaar into the combo would give them a Hulk just like the Avengers had, albeit one probably even angrier than his progenitor.

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Of course, it will solely work if Skaar is definitely launched earlier than the Thunderbolts film. The different members have already been launched within the MCU, so having Skaar be the “new guy” of the group might be an excellent angle. Given the group’s roster, nevertheless, there might not be sufficient time to deliver Skaar in out of nowhere and make him stick. Thus, including his brute energy rides on him being formally introduced into the MCU beforehand.

To see if Skaar joins the group, Thunderbolts hits theaters July 26, 2024.

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