Thor’s Mjolnir Is Now Able to Bleed Asgardian Blood


After being destroyed and reformed, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is now home to Odin’s spirit. This gives the weapon a surprising and disgusting new ability.

The following contains spoilers for Thor #28, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Thor’s fight with both a demonic and a symbiotic foe proves that one can draw blood from a stone.

Written by Donny Cates and Al Ewing with art by Salvador Larroca, Thor #28 is the second part of the “Venom of Asgard” arc which features a team-up between the God of Thunder and PoisonIt’s Eddie Brock, the King in Black. The two join forces to battle Darkoth, the Demon of Death, who is under the control of a symbiote child spawned by Bedlam, a rival King in Black. The symbiote uses the Promethium fused with Darkoth’s body to forge a red version of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. After “Hellnir” and Mjolnir collide during the fight, Thor’s hammer begins to bleed the golden blood of Od, the blood of Odin.

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Why is Odin trapped inside Thor’s hammer?

When Thor was younger and still learning to wield Mjolnir, Odin told his son that within the weapon were the souls of the dwarves who died forging it. During a battle with the God of Hammers (Mjolnir merged with the villainous Mangog), Odin sacrificed himself so that what was left of the Odin-Force could power up Thor to end the conflict. Thor destroyed Mjolnir, but after the angels of Heven forged it, he discovered that Odin’s spirit now rested within the hammer, allowing him to hear the voice of his father.

Odin has been present in Thor’s adventures since his death, previously assisting his son during ThorThe crossing of Marvel’s “Banner of War” with the current one Helmet Serie. The event proved that anyone can now wield Mjolnir and the accompanying power of Thor, provided the spirit of Odin gives them permission and deems them worthy. The hammer that bleeds the blood of Odin is the last change made to the weapon in the comics.

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The Mysteries Of Marvel’s Thor Series, Explained

The reason Odin is now after Mjolnir is that he cannot rest in Valhalla. When his spirit reached the Asgardian afterlife, he found its doors broken and its corridors empty of the souls that should have been present. What has happened to Valhalla marks another mystery for the Thor title, being that the God of Thunder has also been experiencing visions of Thanos wielding an Infinity Stone-encrusted Mjolnir, revealed to be Thor’s future cause of death by the Black Winter. After “The Venom of Asgard”, ThorThe story continues on Thanos: Death Notes one-shot out at the end of November 2022.

Together with Cates, Ewing and Larroca, Thor #28 features colors by Edgar Delgado, lettering and layouts by VC’s Joe Sabino, main cover art by Nic Klein, and variant cover art by Greg Smallwood. The issue is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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