Things to do before completing Act 3 – Baldur’s Gate 3


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    Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge game and you may want to fast forward to the third act of the story to see the ending. But before you do, there are some important things you need to clean up to get the most out of BG3’s richly detailed story.

    Best Side Missions in BG3 Act 3

    While the main story of BG3 is an epic story with huge consequences, there are plenty of smaller side quests that can be fun, heartwarming, or just fill the wallet. These are some of my favorite things to finish before moving on to the endgame of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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    Stop the wave of murders in the city

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    In a quest chain called Investigate the Murders, you’ll start at the Temple of the Open Hand in Rivington. It all begins with the murder of a priest named Father Lorgan, and one of the refugees is blamed. Following the quest chain will take you through the Lower City and confront the real assassins. Along the way, you’ll have to collect clues, check crime scenes, and make sure to chat with the investigators on the case, and this makes this quest chain unique to Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Get rid of Aunt Ethel forever.

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    If you spared Aunt Ethel in Act 1, you will encounter her again in Act 3 in the quest chain called Avenge the Witch’s Survivors. Ethel is back to her old tricks: messing with Mayrina, kidnapping children, and enslaving adults. Get rid of her for good not only to save Vanra’s life, but also to get a nice item out of the deal.

    On the side of Lorroakan or Dame Aylin

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    If you saved Dame Aylin in Act 2, she will have another quick quest for you in Act 3. There is a wizard who has been searching for the Nightsong (hints of this were discussed with the mercenaries in Act 1). I’m always on Nightsong’s side in this quest; There’s nothing like wiping the smug look off Lorroakan’s face when she realizes that she won’t get her prize and that she’s going to die for her troubles.

    Helping the Gur while fighting Hunter

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    To complete Astarion’s personal quest, you will have to defeat his master, Hunter, and convince him to stop the ritual or become an ascending vampire himself. There are some really beautiful details and incredibly moving scenes throughout this entire quest chain in Act 3, and they’re worth revisiting at least once. Some of my favorite scenes occur if they both spare the monster hunter in Act 1 and free all the vampire spawn in Hunter’s house; You can find the Gur in the sewers with his children turned into vampires to give significant follow-up to your choices.

    Talk to the dryad

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    In the Circus, there is a Dryad who will give you and the person you fell in love with a proof of love. The higher your approval rating with your lover, the better responses you will be able to give him. There are some funny, heartwarming, and really bad answers, and each one is worth exploring. If you chat with the dryad after fighting Dribbles, she won’t even turn into Orin at the end of your cheesy quiz.

    Find the Tressym

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    Terra is a Tressym and a good friend of Gale. She is perched atop the Temple of the Open Hand in Rivington, munching on messenger birds. She takes Gale to the roof to watch a heartwarming little chat between him and his feline friend.

    Find the Way of the Wyrm

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    If you haven’t done the Wyrmway quest, you’ll be surprised by some of the revelations this quest chain has to offer. To start, you will have to save Wyll’s father on the Iron Throne. Chat with him later at camp and reconnect father and son. He will send you to find the guardian dragon of legend; If you look hard enough, you will find it and you may not like what awaits you. This dungeon also has a lot of interesting little puzzles to solve; They are probably the most challenging in BG3.

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    Search Minsc

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    If you save Jaheira in Act 2, she will ask you to find her friend Minsc in Act 3. You can recruit him to your party and with him, his giant miniature space hamster named Boo. He’s one of the funniest and strangest companions, and is worth keeping if only for the fun camp chats you have with him.

    Complete the House of Pain

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    If you like heartbreaking stories and sobbing uncontrollably into your keyboard, I suggest you go to House of Grief and finish Shadowheart’s personal quest. Regardless of whether or not you chose to kill Nightsong in Act 2, this quest chain is as sad as it gets. Its worth doing.

    Head to the House of Hope

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    The final battle in House of Hope has the best soundtrack in the entire game. The first time I completed this fight, I was absolutely blown away by the battle, the visual design, and the music. I actually stopped playing for a while just to listen to the whole song. House of Hope also has a ton of awesome items for your team, like the Amulet of Greater Health, the Orphic Hammer, and the Hill Giant’s Gauntlets of Strength.

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