These are the Black Friday deals to avoid while holiday shopping


Getting caught up in the spirit of Black Friday, the busy day of shopping after Thanksgiving, is easy. You have a spending mindset, and retailers are counting on that to lure you in with incredible prices and expect you to buy a lot more while you’re there. Sometimes, however, the deals aren’t as good as they seem.

Certain categories of merchandise are best avoided on Black Friday. and the team of OfferNews has advice on what you should avoid (and for how long). There are things here that are best overlooked.

TVs, well some of them

There are great deals on some brand name TVs on Black Friday. There are also special offers on offline brands. Those are the ones best avoided. Televisions are an expensive enough commodity that it’s wise to get a major brand, as the quality is generally better. Did you miss today’s best deals? Wait until late January or early February, when they will typically be back on sale at comparable or better prices.


If you are looking for one of the hot items of the year, definitely buy it if you see it. But if you’re just randomly shopping for toys, Black Friday isn’t the best time to buy them, despite the sales. There’s a good chance you’ll find better prices closer to Christmas.


It’s tempting to buy makeup when you’re already in a big box store like Macy’s, but Black Friday deals aren’t usually great. Cyber ​​Monday usually has better discounts, he says OfferNews. And more stores will be offering them.

Christmas decorations

While there are some deals for people looking for a festive atmosphere, it’s best to wait until just before, or even better, after Christmas. That’s when prices really come down and you can stock up for the holidays of 2023.

Electric tools

Mom or Dad may want a drill, but the holidays are not the time for maximum savings. Prices tend to be lower around Father’s Day. There are some end-of-year savings, but if it’s a gift that can wait, consider starting shopping a little earlier next year.


Sofas and other expensive furniture are not common holiday gifts. You’ll likely save money if you can wait until President’s Day or Memorial Day. The occasional deal you see on Black Friday (or throughout the holiday season) usually won’t be the best.

Just about anything from small business

Let’s be clear: We’re not saying don’t support local merchants. Just wait a day. Small Business Saturday is November 26, and that’s when small business deals are most prevalent.

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