There’s a Very Easy Way to Farm Shinies in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


scarlet and violet pokemon players are learning how easy it is to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Shiny Pokémon have become much more common in recent Pokémon games. While Shiny Pokemon has a default spawn rate of about 1 in 4000, Pokemon Legends: Arceus made finding Shiny Pokemon much easier thanks to increased odds on mass spawns and spawns on the Overworld map. Mass outbreaks are back scarlet and violet pokemon and they come with significantly higher odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon. Once players catch or defeat 60 Pokémon in a massive outbreak (evident by a message commenting on the number of Pokémon appearing twice on screen decreasing), players will increase their odds to approximately 1 in 1350. With Shiny Charm, that rate increases to 1 in 820. If they’ve consumed a sandwich that has “Shiny Power” on it, those odds are further reduced to about 1 in 680 (without a Shiny Charm) or 1 in 512 with a Shiny Charm.

Once players reach that 60 Pokemon milestone, there is a way to quickly “reroll” which Pokemon appear in the massive sprout, allowing them to continuously farm the massive sprout until a shiny one appears. Players simply need to set up a picnic and then finish it quickly, which will cause all the Pokemon in the area to respawn. Please note that these are not the same Pokémon that were in the region before the picnic, but new Pokémon are automatically created by the game. While making 5-6 Pokemon disappear and then respawn might seem tedious, it’s still much easier than previous Shiny Hunting methods.

scarlet and violet pokemon are now available on Nintendo Switch.


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