There’s a sneaky way to get Warzone Mobile’s Ghost Condemned


    A new era for Call of Duty is here, as Warzone Mobile prepares to parachute into our lives. While the base battle royale game came out in 2020 and got us through the pandemic, we’re surprised it’s taken Activision this long to realise the money-making power of a mobile version.

    Warzone Mobile is just over the horizon, and while a return to Verdansk is likely enough to lure plenty of us back, there’s the added incentive of the Ghost Condemned skin. Although it’s thought to be a Warzone Mobile exclusive, there could be a nifty way to nab him for the console and PC version of Warzone.

    Warzone Mobile’s Ghost Condemned skin could be available for all

    A slew of development teams are working on Warzone Mobile, with the likes of Activision’s new internal Solid State Studios bringing a whole new way to play. CoD has built its fortune on microtransactions, with us stumping up for Tomb Raider and The Boys crossovers.

    Despite accusations that we’ve ditched the Mil-Sim days of the CoDverse in favour of cash-grab pos culture crossovers, classic skins for Operators like Price and Ghost still make a fortune. The Ghost Condemned skin comes free just for downloading Warzone Mobile, and with a gnarly look, it’s already a firm favourite.

    As part of the current Season 5 Reloaded update for Modern Warfare 2 and the core Warzone, dataminers found references to Ghost Condemned. Although unconfirmed by Activision, it suggests that the supposedly mobile-exclusive Operator might not be that exclusive at all.

    Does Warzone Mobile support cross-play?

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    It makes sense that MW2 and Warzone players will be able to get Ghost Condemned, if only for his money-making potential in the shop. Still, with rewards and cross-progression uniting all CoD titles, Ghost Condemned jumping into Al Marzah should’ve been expected.

    In terms of cross-play, Warzone Mobile is being kept separate from its bigger brothers. Speaking to GameSpot in 2022, Co-Head of Mobile at Activision Chris Plummer explained that while iOS and Android have cross-play, “We’re avoiding that imbalance that would come with cross-play between mobile and PC or mobile and console.”

    While we wait for confirmation about Ghost Condemned, Warzone Mobile players can get him by logging onto the App Store of their respective platforms, searching Warzone Mobile, and pre-registering. When the game releases, log in with the same account and Ghost Condemned should be yours.

    As we head toward its November 1 release date, the Warzone Mobile hype train is pulling into Verdansk station. Will Ghost Condemned be lurking in the shadows of all Call of Duty games? Watch this space.


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