The Witcher LEGO approved by CD Projekt RED



    Fans are a pretty core part of the successes of The Witcher, from its books, to its games, to its hit Netflix series.

    The fantasy property is beloved worldwide in each of its mediums, and whether it be via cosplay, mods, or even fan-fiction (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it), it could easily be argued that the success of The Witcher is made by its incredible fans who remain dedicated to Geralt no matter who bears the moniker.

    Although the TV series has been hit with some disappointing reviews, now it looks like the game series is paying back by approving one fan’s brilliant blocky creation.

    CD Projekt Red approves fan-made LEGO Witcher

    One LEGO and The Witcher fanatic seems to have hit the credit jackpot, as their project bringing the world of Geralt to those plastic bricks has earned the seal of approval from CD Projekt Red themselves.

    Creator BrickPanda82 has revealed a series of images that they’ve developed, reimagining the world of The Witcher in blocky form, recreating scenes like Geralt arriving in town with his horse, adventuring through eerie swamps, and fighting alongside Ciri.

    The lighting and design of the images is second to none, and it seems to have struck the creators of the video game series the right way, as they’ve shared the fantastic project on their Twitter page. Unsurprisingly, fans want it for real.

    Fans beg for a Witcher LEGO set

    LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga poster

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    Traveller’s Tales

    As is often the case after seeing brilliant projects like this, many players are now rallying to try to make The Witcher in LEGO form a reality. One tagged the official LEGO account and begged, “I’m not too old to buy this, if it were to happen, right? Please make this happen.”

    Another cheered, “Get Lego to make these ASAP so you both can take even more of my money,” while a third asked, “Looks so good! 🤍 LEGO game when? 😍.” Like the LEGO Star Wars and Marvel games, it sounds like a licence to print money. Fans are clearly attached to The LEGO Witcher, and we can’t say we blame them.



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