The Witcher 3 comes with high-life and Conquerors Blade


    With a recent driver update, the XeSS will be bringing three new games. Their main features are High Death, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with the next-gen update, and Conquerors Blade with the Scorpio update. Beyond that, there are a few release notes in the latest driver update that you need to review.

    First, the other games and their performance. This part is pretty short as the latest driver actually only causes a slight improvement in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds over the previous one (4% overall performance). Other games supported by XeSS remain largely unchanged.

    Secondly, this update has a few twists for the developers: the update includes supporting the Microsoft DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU-accelerated decompression. Intel has also released a list of supported products for the update, which is included in the release notes also.

    In general, the update is a bit disappointing. If you don’t have a large extended support list, that’s okay. The software continues to be upgraded. Intel has the latest software update.

    As soon as we can update the Intel XeSS driver, update will continue. High on Life is now available on PC via Steam, Xbox, and Xbox One. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Generation Update is available now on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox. Conquerors Blade is now available online through Steam and the MY.GAMES store.


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