The Wintry Snow-Bowl Returns With The Six Siege


    On Friday the event will kick off the Wintry Snow Brawl. The event has been a hit the past couple of years and the events are held this year. The game is about to start in time. This includes new products that make the season look good, and many more winter-themed items happening on the game. The event will launch on the 16th of December, but before that, here’s more information on the event and the trailer.

    Credit: Ubisoft

    “Like unlimited snowballs as their main weapon and the holiday-inspired second gadget, players will enjoy a chilling fight in the updated map, at night. The holder will remove the flags or send the carrier down, and will return the fallen flag to base from the pack. Three hits a player and sends them to Respawn; in this mode, Respawn infinite will remain active. The Boosts available on the map are: speed and fire rate, air-jab ammo and health kits. The team with the most points was the final of five minutes. This time, Snow Brawl has 12 playable Operators, and three newers to the event: Dokkaebi, Grim and Sens. Players can battle as Blue Blades in support of Dokkaebi, Grim, Sens, Rook, Vigil, Frost, Castle, Thorn, or The Orange Blizzard with Operators Ash, Blackbeard, Montagne, and Osa.”

    The Seven Siege Snow Brawl Collection returns with 45 wintry items, which include uniforms, headgear, matching weapon skins and opportunities, from the Orange and Blue Blades. Snowbowl introduces the Snowflake Bundle, as well as his signature weapon skin, the universal attachment skin, the charm and the background. The Snow Brawl bundles will be available on the in-game Store for 1680 R6C or on the collection packs at 300 R6C (12,500 Renown). There will be a free collection pack which will give the players an option to log in during the Snow Brawl event, and one more one week as soon as they complete the weekly challenges.


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