The Weirdest Competitive Formats That Are Worth Playing


in competitive Pokemon fighting, there are dozens of different battle formats that players can compete in. Most metagames use the same fundamental rules, only the Pokémon that can be used change. However, there are some creative formats that are completely unique and give players an interesting change of pace.

Using the pokemon showdown online battle simulator, competitive fighters can access many weird and wonderful formats that would never be possible in the console versions of Pokemon. Some of these modes even reintroduce and add twists to old mechanics like Mega Evolution.

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Mix and Mega unlocks the potential of mega evolution

The Mix and Mega metagame, true to its name, utilizes Mega Evolution to its fullest potential by allowing players to use any Mega Stone on any fully evolved Pokémon, granting it the stat, type, and ability changes that would normally come with the specified one. Mega evolution. The format also removes the one mega evolution per team rule, allowing for even crazier team formation. As an example, the Mega Stone activated by Ampharos increases the user’s Base Attack, Defense, and Special Defense by 20, Special Attack by 50, and reduces their Speed ​​by 10. The Pokémon also gains Dragon-type and grants the Breaker Ability. Any Pokemon that activates Ampharosite would experience those stat gains and drops, change its secondary type to Dragon, and gain the Breaker.

This format facilitates creative Pokémon sets and teams, as the ability to change any Pokémon’s type, stats, and ability to that of a Mega Pokémon gives players a plethora of new combinations and allows them to use Pokémon that they would normally are not competitively viable. . With powerhouses like Heracronite Garchomp and Salamencite Landorus-Therian, Mix and Mega is a chaotic meta that’s definitely worth a try.

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Godly Gift Lets Legendary Pokemon Share Their Stats

The Godly Gift metagame allows players a Legendary Pokémon, which will gift its powerful base stats to the other Pokémon on the team. Each regular Pokemon only gets one of the god’s basic stats, decided by its slot on the team. For example, if a Pokemon is in the first slot on the team, it will receive the Legendary Pokemon’s Health stat, the second slot will receive the Attack stat, and so on. Normally, the Legendary Pokemon is placed in the slot where its base stat is the weakest, so it doesn’t have to be given to another Pokemon. For example, Rayquaza’s defense is his weakest stat, so he would normally go in the third slot.

This format, like Mix and Mega, allows for more creativity than an ordinary meta like OverUsed, as interesting stat synergies can be found. There are a lot of great Pokemon that can’t compete due to a couple of bad base stats. With Godly Gift, powerful but slow attackers like Tyranitar can take a Pheromosa’s absurd 151 base Speed, making them an offensive powerhouse. Certain tanky Pokémon that lack offensive or health stats, like Shuckle, can become incredibly powerful with the right gift. Godly Gift’s unique strategies and teaming make it a must try.

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Challenge Cup 1v1 and Metronome Battles are random chaos

Sometimes the random elements of the competition Pokemon battles can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s best to fully enjoy the random nature of Pokemon with wacky battle formats to avoid tilting. In Challenge Cup 1v1, players will encounter a completely random team every time they enter a battle. They must then choose one of their Pokémon as the champion that will go against the opponent’s champion, winner takes all. Unlike pokemon showdownChallenge Cup Pokémon random battles have completely random moves and items, and first-stage evolutions may appear. Although there is some level of strategy, the games often come down to luck. With low stakes and fast play, Challenge Cup 1v1 is perfect for killing time or regaining composure from bad losses.

Metronome battles are similarly random, as Pokemon can only use Metronome, which chooses a move at random. There are a few other quirks to this meta, like the fact that all EVs can be maxed out at 252, teams only have two Pokemon, and every battle is a double battle. In essence, the format is as random as it gets. Two players with completely random moves means whoever is luckier will win the game. While it’s not as complicated as Challenge Cup 1v1, it can be incredibly fun to see who is favored more by lady luck in this strange battle format.

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