The following incorporates spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, “Spoiler”, by Tatasuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heep, obtainable now in English from Viz Media.

Chapter 104 of Chainsaw Man was vital by way of plot growth with the 2 heavy hitters, Chainsaw Man and War Devil assembly for the primary time, but it surely was additionally necessary in a extra refined means. Just earlier than Denji and Asa meet at college, the chapter focuses on Yoru and Asa. The two of them speak, and Yoru reinforces her hatred of Chainsaw Man although Asa is extra impartial in the direction of him now as he had inadvertently saved her life.

Near the top of the dialog, Yoru admits one thing to Asa, consequently shifting earlier perceptions of her. All of a sudden, Yoru paradoxically feels extra human. Despite being sworn enemies — the War Devil shares some shocking similarities with Denji.

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Infuriated that she and Asa had gotten saved by her mortal enemy, Yoru does the one logical factor she will consider: she punches a pillow and throws a tantrum. Coming from the War Devil whose mission is to convey again nuclear weapons as a way to begin again the struggle, it is unexpectedly endearing to see such a human response, albeit immature. Despite being a part of the Four Horseman and being in the identical league as Makima, Yoru would not have the identical imposing aura because the Control Devil.

Asa asks Yoru why she hates Chainsaw Man, and the War Devil tells her that the 2 of them had fought a very long time in the past, with Chainsaw Man having “eaten from” her physique, weakening her. As defined in Part 1 of Chainsaw Man, the rationale why nearly all of Devils worry Chainsaw Man is as a result of he has the power to devour Devils and erase them from existence. Although the idea of struggle has not been erased from folks’s recollections, many individuals have already forgotten about nice wars previously, very like when Makima talked about World War II and Kishibe had no thought what she was speaking about. In an unexpectedly weak second, Yoru tells Asa that she’s afraid that individuals will neglect her earlier than falling asleep.

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Although Yoru is about on defeating Chainsaw Man in order that he’ll “vomit nuclear weapons back up,” her admission exhibits that, finally, she would not need to be forgotten. Her sense of self is strongly linked to her identification because the War Devil, and if she have been to be fully consumed by Chainsaw Man, she would stop to exist. Although Devils are by no means fully useless since they undergo this limitless cycle of reincarnating in Hell; as soon as they reincarnate, their recollections from their earlier lives are fully gone. This is what occurred when Denji ate Makima: the Control Devil reincarnated right into a younger woman named Nayuta who would not keep in mind her previous life as Makima.

In some methods, Yoru’s aim is similar as Denji’s. Ever since he returned in Part 2 of Chainsaw Man, he has been valiantly attempting to inform the world he is Chainsaw Man. Although he claims that he is doing this as a result of “the ladies will be all over me,” the reason being a lot deeper than that. Right now, the world is making him out to be a hero although, paradoxically, Chainsaw Man was by no means meant to turn into a hero since he is purported to be an embodiment of individuals’s worry of chainsaws. Denji, by all accounts, is nothing like what a hero must be: he is raunchy, brash, and easy. However, as Chainsaw Man, he is beloved by the residents. Denji’s sense of self-worth is closely depending on his identification as Chainsaw Man.

This can be why it initially feels as if Denji hasn’t modified since Part 1 — in some methods, he cannot. He fell in love with Makima, however all she cared about was Pochita, or the Chainsaw Devil. Makima instructed him that, as Denji, he basically had no worth. Since then, Denji hasn’t been instructed in any other case and nonetheless bears the heavy weight of his unresolved trauma. He probably nonetheless believes that he can solely be beloved if he is Chainsaw Man. While Yoru is intent on preventing Chainsaw Man to protect her identification because the War Devil, Denji is very happy to ditch his human identification and wholly embrace Chainsaw Man.

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