The viral TikTok NPC trend is the most disturbing yet.


    Forget about women taking off their bikinis and jumping into hot tubs on Twitch, there’s a new risque meta that’s climbing the streaming ranks and getting everyone talking. This time, it’s TikTok’s viral NPC trend that has viewers questioning WTF is going on and why are we seeing people eating virtual ice cream.

    Whether it’s hot tubs, tight-fitting yoga pants, or selling farts in jars, internet personalities will always find a way to push the boundaries that streaming services like Twitch and Kick will allow. TikTok is pretty strict with what it considers ‘adult’ content, but then comes the NPC trend.

    What is the trend of TikTok NPC?

    Apparently developed by popular streamer Pinkydoll, the NPC trend is currently everywhere. Basically turning a TikTok personality into an NPC you can meet. GTA or The Elder Scrollsthey sit/stand there and sway like a poorly programmed background character.

    You then send them virtual gifts, and they react with a bank of recurring lines, looking at those ideas and their bank balance balance. It’s not as overtly seductive as Twitch’s Hot Tub debacle, but either way, it’s giving the likes of Pinkidol something serious.

    Pinkydoll is at the forefront of the trend, with a Tweet About 50 million views of its collection. If that wasn’t enough, one of her biggest supporters is music producer, Timbaland – for whom Pinky also broke character. She has seen her viewership grow, and at the time of writing, she is crossing 400k subscribers.

    The good, the bad and the weird of NPC phenomenon

    Others like Cherry Crush TV have quickly picked up on the TikTok NPC trend, though Pinkydoll seems invincible. As both Pinkydoll and Cherry maintain OnlyFans accounts, critics claim that this is against TikTok’s “sexually suggestive content”. Again, there is nothing overtly sexual about these streams.

    Some have pointed to the “NPC kink” fetish, and while we’re not bashing, it’s likely that at least some of these streamers know the specific market they’re appealing to. With a TikTok coin worth around $0.01 and some giveaways costing thousands (with streamers getting a share of the profits), this trend can be lucrative.

    Everyone wants a piece of the pie, and the weirdest one we’ve found is TikTok user Malik, who tries to impersonate the Miles Morales NPC. Also, run outside Crystal Alana Bennett, which looks like she’s trying to hold on to her life. We have to hand it to Pinky and Cherry, it takes a lot of talent to keep up with the NPC trend.


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