The US Navy, and with the Allied terrorists, terrorists and those who go by the name of the US Navy


    If you missed it, Trump announced on Sunday a number of days ago that he introduced a series of non-fungible digital cards in which he would depict himself on various levels of his life. There are cards that he posed as a superhero, the list goes on in front of Liberty’s Statue. Anyway, if you have followed Amazon Primes The Boys along with social media, you’ll know they rarely waste time making fun of real life events and events. That wasn’t the case.

    The official Twitter account released a satirical tweet today calling on Homelander to introduce digital trading cards that can be purchased for 777 VoughtCoin each, for all those cryptoheads out there.

    The big announcement: Official Homelander Digital Collection is out now. By owning an authentic and non-fungible JPEG of our greatest heros, your life and career are the rewards of our crimefighting career. Buy now for 777, while you still can!–smart.

    Vought International (@VoughtIntl) December 15, 2022

    The card features Homelander standing in front of the Vought HQ in a heroic pose and how can anyone resist? The boys weren’t keen for a while now to send hilarious messages to fans who have already gotten multiple copies of The Boys.

    Vought International YouTube account continues to play playfully with the band, releasing comedic clips that tell the earliest of the shows’ iconic moments.

    The Boys aired its third season this year, and is due for a fourth sometime in the future.


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