The Transformers collaboration of mob control gets a second installment, and Optimus Prime is introduced.

    • Part 2 of the Mob Control x Transformers collaboration is now live.
    • Recruit Optimus Prime by collecting enough Blueprints through the Booster Pack or Season Pass.
    • Optimus drives and ramps up your mobs in his truck form before transforming into his robot form to deal damage to enemies.

    Mob Control, the super simple strategy game from Voodoo, is seeing the second part of its ongoing Transformers collaboration today. And this time it brings the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, to the fray! Celebrating 40 years of the Transformers franchise, this collaboration has already seen the introduction of Bumblebee, and now you can take your robotic powers even further.

    If you’re not familiar with Mob Control, you’ve probably seen ads for games like it. Basically, you create mobs that then go through different gates, multiplying or increasing their numbers. Yes, it’s that kind of game, although in this case, it’s the real focus and not a bolt-on mini-game to meet advertising standards.

    In his truck form, Optimus will carry and boost your mobs, before transforming into robot form to take on enemies after two mobs collide. To unlock it you’ll either need to buy the Premium Transformers Season Pass or (ideally) collect enough Blueprint Currency from the Booster Pack to get it for free.

    Autobots, roll out

    While you can argue about Mob Control’s extremely simple gameplay and how much fun it can be, there’s no denying the underlying satisfaction it offers. And with new champions like Optimus, there’s definitely a method of strategy now included with the game’s simple multiplication and additional mechanics.

    Check out Optimus Prime in Mob Control now, and discover new levels in the Echoes from Cybertron event.

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