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The Tesla driver didn’t pay his Model S at 7C, but a failed video made him popular with TikTok (it gets millions of views)


A Tesla electric car owner has been viral on TikTok when he posted a video that showed him trying to charge his Model S at a Supercharger station in freezing weather.

Dominic Naty, a radio host from Virginia, tried last Friday before holiday weekend to charge his Tesla Model S but it was in the run. According to reports, the temperature outside was about -7C at that time.

Nati claims he began, in vain, to charge at home, then drove to the local Supercharger. After it turned off, the car had signaled it was warming up the battery and ready to recharge. But the project didn’t start yet.

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A video that the driver posted on TikTok took a long time to get to the scene, while the driver failed. The video gained about 750 thousand views and became popular amongst the social network. More videos of the author have already gone viral.

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Nati claims to have reached with Tesla and reported the problem, but has not yet received a response.

Some attribute the failures to the usual problems of recharging during the winter. Low temperatures affect the speed of the process, but it is not normal that it hasn’t begun at all.

The battery will take a while and Tesla has built an electric power amplifier that lets the user set up for charging in advance (if the driver entered the station by satnav’s address). In the case of Nati, the problems seem to have completely disappeared in his car, rather than worsen those malfunctions in the automaker’s works, where that problem was not answered for long periods of time.

Earlier, a video of a Tesla driver went viral. Mario Zelaya, from Canada, didn’t make a locked car due to a faulty battery. He recorded a video in TikTok, where he spoke of the problem and recommended never buy a Tesla.

Because of a battery failure, the company demanded a fee of 21 000 dollars to replace this car, that Tesla owner couldn’t get into the locked car.

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