The Surprising Connection Between Mirko and Spider-Man


my hero academia is a shonen superhero action series that pays equal homage to classic shonen manga titles and American superhero comics, especially DC and Marvel titles, ranging from bat Man a Spiderman Y X Men, among others. By now, it’s wonderfully clear that author Kohei Horikoshi loves friendly neighbor Spider-Man in particular.

Spider-Man does not make a proper cameo in the story of my hero academia in addition to a silhouette in the first chapter of the manga. However, a variety of MHA The chapters borrow some ideas from Spidey in their design, and the latest Spidey-themed hero, Mirko, pays homage to Spider-Man despite outwardly being based on a completely different animal.

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Mirko does everything a rabbit can do

Mirko’s Quirk is known simply as Rabbit, and the hero Mirko lives up to that theme in many ways, from his hero costume design and his fondness for carrots like Bugs Bunny to his emphasis on running, jumping, and kicking like a martial arts lagomorph. However, Mirko is no ordinary melee hero. His theme is more complete and animal-based than other basic melee Quirks like Mashirao Ojiro’s Tail Quirk or Itsuka Kendo’s Big Fist Quirk. Mirko’s Rabbit Quirk not only gives him superhuman agility and kicking power, but also stimulates his other senses in a similar way to a rabbit. Mirko’s bunny ears are not part of his costume; they are part of his body, giving him super hearing so he can hear enemies or cries for help from a great distance. Similarly, Mirko has a rabbit’s sharp nose to smell blood or sweat, and she also has a keen survival instinct to alert her to danger.

All of these attributes help prey animals like rabbits to survive, but in Mirko’s case, these attributes become battle-oriented tools, reversing a rabbit’s typically defensive nature into something offensive-oriented. As for his martial arts style, Mirko’s design was inspired by kickboxing, like that of MMA fighters. This is all a fairly consistent theme, but in subtle ways, perhaps Mirko is more like Spider-Man. After all, Spider-Man can do anything a spider can do, him being an animal-themed superhero with an emphasis on martial arts and having a cheerful and cheeky personality as an excitable young man. He also tends to fight alone. Mirko also shares all of those traits, and that, combined with his “she can do anything a rabbit can do” theme, makes Mirko my hero academiaThe most subtle but perhaps the most powerful tribute to Spider-Man.

It may not even have been on purpose, but either way, the parallels are there, and it proves that animal-themed heroes are a pretty solid concept for superheroes or pro heroes in any universe, and Mirko isn’t the only one.

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How My Hero Academia Shared Spider-Man’s Powers Between Many Characters

Whether Mirko’s Spider-Man similarities were deliberate or not, she joins a general trend in my hero academia of characters that borrow different pieces from the overall Spider-Man design. It’s almost as if Horikoshi ripped Spider-Man to pieces and gave a different one to each of several different characters, all so he could pay homage to Spider-Man without resorting to a cheap scam.

Broadly speaking, animal-themed heroes like Mirko and the frog-like Tsuyu Asui have a part of Spider-Man in them, as they can both do anything another animal can. In fact, Tsuyu explained to herself that she can do anything a frog can do, from climbing walls to swinging on her long tongue and sticking her stomach out through her mouth. Not only that, but those wall-climbing and swinging antics are physically similar to Spider-Man’s own techniques, simply trading webs for a long tongue. Tsuyu could almost be called Spider-Frog at this point.

then there are others my hero academia characters that emulate Spider-Man not with animal themes but with their combat moves. Izuku Midoriya himself is a good example, such as when he dangled from a long Blackwhip tendril like Spider-Man on a thread, or Izuku’s danger-sensing Quirk operating like Spidey’s sense. Then there is Hitoshi Shinso who, despite the Quirk based on his voice, can still mimic Spider-Man.

The best example was when Hitoshi hung from a long Aizawa-inspired capture strap, once again mimicking Spider-Man hanging from a thread. And of course, Hanta Sero’s Tape Quirk is a great approximation of Spider-Man’s web, from swinging on that tape to creating webs or tying up villains to capture them. In all these ways and more, my hero academia can showcase Horikoshi’s love for Spider-Man in creative, subtle, and witty ways, from heroes doing anything a chosen animal can to swinging on strings to save the day.

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