The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons

How to unlock each of the 2.0 boss weapons that I am aware of and have received while playing through the game.


Warning, this guide can and will spoil bosses AND quests from The Surge 2, if this does not bother you or you already know the spoilers, then continue. If I receive angry comments because this guide spoiled a boss for you, then I will delete them and accept zero responsibility. This has served as your warning. Thanks in advance.


Hey there, I’m Seanie, this is a guide about finding the 2.0 Boss Weapons and what you need to do in boss fights to guarantee they drop.

Feel free to add any you have found that I haven’t got around to yet to the comments and I’ll add them to the guide with a credit for you.

Known 2.0 Boss Weapons

Little Johnny

This one is fairly simple, do the boss fight as normal, but just cut off those little claw arms Johnny has and this will drop.

Recommendations are that you cut off his arms first before proceeding to destroy the cooling tanks, and as it’s impossible to kill Little Johnny without destroying his cooling tanks, it’s probably easiest the cut his claw arms at the start. It’s a Twin Rigged weapon with poison elemental damage.

The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons


This one is a little awkward, as I received the 2.0 weapon but I’m unsure how I actually did it, so I’ll run through how my successful attempt went.

For the First phase, proceed as normal, however once he switches to his Second phase make sure you damage his front legs enough that they stop being armoured, and when his Third and final phase starts, break as many limbs as possible, for me I broke both his legs and his right arm. This was the attempt that I beat the boss and received the 2.0 weapon. It is a staff with Nanite elemental damage.

The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons

Metal Armor(General Ezra)

This one has been a pain for me to beat, took like 35 tries because of the phase 1 dual weapon setup and the Phase 2 robot + Punching Gloves general combo, but I have finally beaten it and gotten the 2.0 weapon, here’s how I did it:

So for Phase 1 of the fight, go for his legs, remembering to back off every now and again or he’ll wreck you, once both his legs are broken(no longer armoured), just keep doing damage to get him to Phase 2. Once he’s in Phase 2 the general will jump out of the mech and start fighting you, aim for the generals right arm and dismember it once you’ve done enough damage. This will end the fight and play a cutscene. The weapon is a pair of Punching Gloves with no elemental damage.

You can also destroy the mechs flamethrower in phase 2 to net yourself a minigun drone weapon.

The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons

Matriarch Celeste

I haven’t managed to get this in my game due to Celeste’s low health in the second phase of her fight, but many people are saying the same thing for the 2.0 in this fight, so I’ll add the info and double check it once I’ve achieved it in my NG+ playthrough.

I got her weapon in NG+, that’s why the damage is so high in the screenshot.

It’s recommended to use the Physical Aggression Redirector implant if you’re trying for this weapon as her health is very low and you can easily accidentally kill her.

So for Phase 1 I don’t believe you have to target anywhere specifically, I’d go for the right arm just to be safe. Once you reach Phase 2 she sprouts mechanical arms from her back, target those and cut them both off, once you’ve done that, finish the fight by killing her and you should receive this weapon. I believe it is a Double Duty weapon with Electricity elemental damage.

The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons

Archangel Eli(Final Boss)

This one is simple to remember, simply break all of his armoured parts before killing him, pretty much guaranteed if you don’t mind stopping the attack spam for a minute. This weapon is Heavy Duty with Nano elemental damage.

The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons

More to come, currently these are only the 2.0 I have come across in my own playthroughs, Thank you for your patience.

Addendum: I believe these are all of the 2.0 weapons available as of right now. I will update as any news of other 2.0 weapons becomes available.

2.0 Non-Boss Weapons


So I just got this, was as surprised as you are to find out that this is a thing.

So to get this, just do all of Warren’s quests, Main things are getting him the A.I.D set, helping him to find out what A,I,D, did with the kids they took, and finally getting him the repeller coil from the JCPD prison. after all of this, I also let him take the train to safety, even though he offers to let you go instead. When you ask about a reward and say your goodbyes, he will give you this weapon and an implant, plus 3 IX weapon parts. So long, my friend. This weapon is a single rig with no elemental damage bonuses.

The Surge 2 How To Unlock Boss 2.0 Weapons

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