The Stringless: how to get, Ascension, stats and who can use it in Genshin Impact



    The Stringless is a versatile four-star bow from Genshin Impact that is best used by sub-DPS units focused on triggering elemental reactions, mainly due to its elemental mastery sub-stat. Additionally, his passive increases the damage dealt by the wielder’s elemental ability and burst, reducing which characters can benefit most from these stats.

    How to get The Stringless in Genshin Impact

    The Stringless is a standard banner weapon, which means you can use it on the Wanderlust Summon, as well as all limited character and weapon banners. However, it is sometimes on the rise at the Epitome Summon banner, which you can utilize using Primogems and Intertwined Fates. Being a four-star weapon, you can’t chart a personified Path for The Stringless. Getting it comes down to sheer luck.

    Genshin Impact The Stringless Stats

    • base attack: 42 to 510
    • substate: Elemental Mastery (36 to 165)
    • Passive: Song without arrows
      • Increases elemental ability and elemental burst damage by 24/30/36/42/48 percent.

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    Genshin Impact The Stringless Ascension Cost and Materials

    Below are all the Ascension materials you need to get The Stringless up to Ascension level six. They can be grown from the following sources:

    • arrowheads: Hilichurl Shooters all over Teyvat
    • horns: Mitachurls and Lawachurls throughout Teyvat
    • decarabian: Cecilia Garden (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)

    Ascension Phase One

    x5,000 Mora

    Steady Arrowhead x2

    heavy horn x3

    x3 Decarabian Tower Tile

    Ascension Phase Two

    x15,000 Mora

    x8 Steady Arrowhead

    x12 heavy horn

    x3 Decarabian City Rubble

    Ascension Phase Three

    x20,000 Mora

    Sharp Arrowhead x6

    x6 Black Bronze Horn

    x6 Decarabian city rubble

    Ascension Phase Four

    x30,000 Mora

    Sharp Arrowhead x9

    x12 black bronze horn

    x3 Decarabian Epic Fragment

    Ascension Phase Five

    x35,000 arrears

    Weathered Arrowhead x6

    x9 Black Crystal Horn

    Fragment of the Decarabian Epic

    Ascension Phase Six

    x45,000 Mora

    x12 worn arrowhead

    x18 black glass horn

    x4 Scattered Fragment of Decarabian’s Dream

    Who can use The Stringless in Genshin Impact

    Stringless is a great choice for characters who use their elemental abilities and bursts to trigger elemental reactions, mainly in fast-switching comps. There are plenty of bow users that can use this weapon, but keep in mind that you need to build them to trigger Reactions (rather than being the main DPS or using their normal Attacks) to maximize their passive.

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