The Spookiest Webtoons to Check Out This Halloween


Popular platform WEBTOON offers a variety of spooky series to help fans get into the Halloween spirit this season. With webtoons ranging from horror, supernatural, thriller, and fantasy genres, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Of Everything’s fine a Nostalgic a the boy upstairshere are the spookiest webtoons to read this Halloween based on fan-favorite Halloween classics.

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Third Shift Society – For Supernatural Fans

Society of the Third Turn stars a girl with supernatural powers and her new pumpkin-headed boss who solves supernatural cases. After struggling financially, Ellie suddenly discovers her psychic abilities and meets a paranormal detective named Ichabod. They team up to fight monsters and solve supernatural mysteries.

This Webtoon series is great for fans of the monster detective genre, including shows like Supernatural Y Scooby Doo. Society of the Third Turn can be read on the Webtoon platform with new episodes released every Friday.

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Nostalgic – For fans of The Walking Dead

Nostalgic is an apocalyptic thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by cannibalistic monsters. The story centers on a girl named Rayne, who survived the apocalypse but has no recollection of it happening. A delinquent boy named Samael finds Rayne when she first wakes up on a rooftop with a knife in her hands.

Appearing to be the only survivors of the apocalypse, they strike a deal to help each other survive in their dangerous new world. This series is perfect for fans of apocalyptic fiction like The Walking Dead. Nostalgic is available to read now on the Webtoon platform with new episodes every Tuesday.

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All’s Well – For Fans of The Purge

As one of the most popular horror series on Webtoon, Everything’s fine it is far scarier than its art implies. Despite the characters’ unique cat heads, Sam and Maggie are a seemingly normal couple living in a quiet neighborhood. However, the main characters are forced to appear okay under the intense surveillance of an oppressive governing body that will torture them by reliving their worst memories if they rebel.

This webtoon appeals to fans of dystopian and psychological horror like The Purge, 1984 Y Salt. Interested fans can catch up Everything’s fine on the Webtoon platform with new episodes every Monday.

I am the Grim Reaper – For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I am the grim reaper stars as a woman who makes a deal with Satan after being sent to the deepest circle of hell. To escape her eternal sentence, Scarlet becomes a reaper who collects a sinner’s soul every day.

This supernatural thriller takes readers on a journey to collect the souls of the worst people on Earth, making it a riveting read for fans of buffy the vampire slayer. Fans can read new episodes of I am the grim reaper every Sunday on the Webtoon platform.

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Hooky – For Hocus Pocus Fans

hooky it stars two young witches named Dani and Dorian Wytte who were born into a powerful family. After missing the bus to magic school, they find themselves drawn into an anticipated war between witches and humans. This magical fantasy webtoon is great for fans of cozy witch-centric Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus Y halloween town. hooky is a complete webtoon that can be read on the Webtoon platform.

The Guy Upstairs, for Dahmer Fans – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

First released this October as one of Webtoon’s latest thrillers, the boy upstairs centers on a suspicious neighbor whose shadowy actions are currently unknown. Rozy thinks her neighbor is up to something, but fans will have to follow the series to find out what it is.

This psychological thriller and mystery is ideal for viewers who enjoy TV shows like Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Y The vigilant. the boy upstairs it currently has a handful of episodes and releases new ones every Friday on the Webtoon platform.

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