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The showrunners are even thinking about what will happen next


Our news is open to everything: After Wednesdays hit the TV Show, the showrunners are already thinking about what will happen next!

Posted on 27/12/2022 at 09:08.

Today was a huge success for Netflix! The series which brings the Addams Family back to the forefront mainly occupied the discussion at the end of the year. One season hasn’t yet been formalized, but it’s already making loud noise.

Spoiler risk: Watch out for this article that contains statements that can spoil viewers who haven’t finished season one of Wednesday’s Netflix.

Wednesday, the global phenomenon of the 20th century.

It was an awesome experience that was once on the Internet, and when the first season was over. Following Wednesday’s Footsteps Addams in the school of Nevermore, the series succumbed to the success of its success. A week after Wednesday, accumulated more than 341 million hours viewed, and now exceeds one million. It is simple: the figures in the first week (week) place Wednesday ahead of Stranger Things season 4 are among the most watched england-language series.

Instigated by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, Mercredi mixes macabre humor with fantasy, all in a horror comedy that fits perfectly with Tim Burton’s world, who directed some of his episodes, and whose influence was great. In general, reviewers point to a purely conventional but pleasant scenario, successful tragicomic base, and the impressive performance of Jenna Ortega who represented the young (but determined) Wednesday.

Season 2 that will gradually clearer, is becoming less obvious.

With its first season released a month after the success of this season, Netflix hasn’t made a second season official. Peter Friedlander, director of programming at Netflix, tried to reassure fans and explain why the series is so much longer than other programs. According to him, the chances are that in a new season, we can be optimistic, but the producers want to take a time to understand that success so that the world knows not to fall off the curtain, and not tearing on the carpet as long as the filming fails.

The writers said that they’d prepare to write the screenplay of Wednesday season 2 after which their production will end. In sum, everything has been interpreted as a word of a minute, so the recent statement of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar is utterly powerful. The showrunners spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently and they have already got many ideas.

We want to explore the future and complicate a couple of other relationships. The school was closed when they left, so we have more options in season two. Now, I think it’s something we might like to explore. The series of ages includes those that were a key to our friendship with the Church and the Jews. Now that she opened the door, we would like to explore the subject of Wednesday’s personality. It’d be really interesting to continue exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters between Wednesday and Morticia (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, editor notes). What’s their relationship going up after Season 1?

As long as we wait for officialization, we are open to everything. The showrunners are interested in getting in touch.

So the idea would be deepening the characters, and more specifically the characters of Wednesday. Taking this character further could help the story get bigger but be surprised by the viewer. The showrunners imagine many possible paths, one on which Mercury and Enid formed a pair: the one with Mercury and Enid; the other among them: the one on which a showrunner was shown a chance, and the one who put on an event and a event: a train for the next two-mile.

I don’t want to do anything, of course, the characters sometimes reveal themselves. However, like what we like in this series, it’s an organic journey. We have a road map, and on this map, we have roads that have gotten you some unexpectedly along with you.

We’re open to everything, by the means of leaving this. We wish to explore friendships as we can, but weren’t there yet, then people are debating (that) if they say, a friendship you can sometimes make up in the trash. At present, were open to seeing the progress of these characters and this friendship. As said earlier, the friendship between Wednesday and Enid is the foundation of our vision for this series.

We should have news of this season 2 of Wednesday now very anticipated. But if the new season is officially announced, it will probably take a lot of patience.


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