The Sandman’s Tom Sturridge Explains How Hob Gadling Changed Dream


The Sandman star Tom Sturridge not too long ago defined how Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley) modified Dream within the Netflix fantasy-drama collection.

Sturridge mentioned the pair’s centuries-spanning friendship throughout a Q&A panel at Dallas Fan Festival 2022. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the story,” he stated. “I think in that episode, and in that section of the graphic novels, you’re right, [Dream] does become more human. I think that what his sister teaches him is the profundity of what an individual existence is, and how you can’t understand it unless you look at it and bear witness to it. And what his relationship with Hob is, is, ‘Okay, I’m going to watch now, I’m going to follow one person closely for an extraordinary period of time, and know them.’ And when we know people and understand them, it’s the first step toward loving them. And I think that’s an unusual thing for him, to begin to love.”

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The Dream/Hob Gadling dynamic is likely one of the hottest points of The Sandman‘s first season, with some followers even studying a romantic subtext into the connection. Writer Vanessa Benton addressed the “Dreamling” pairing in a current interview, saying that whereas a romance between the 2 characters wasn’t deliberately implied, it is probably the product of the present’s various writers’ room. “The ‘Dreamling’ romance wasn’t baked in,” Benson stated. “However, you have a ton of queer people in the writer’s room, you have a gay man as a showrunner, and you have actors who have chemistry.”

Neil Gaiman Praises The Sandman’s Hob Gadling

Despite the recognition of the “Dreamling” ship, Dream and Hob’s relationship stays platonic all through their scenes collectively in The Sandman Season 1, Episode 6, “The Sound of Her Wings.” This is consistent with the canon of the present’s DC Comics supply materials, through which the pair are solely ever depicted as buddies. The Sandman co-creator Neil Gaiman beforehand commented on how faithfully Episode 6 recreated the comics, particularly Kingsley’s efficiency as Gadling, which completely matched how he initially imagined the character.

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Kingsley’s portrayal of Gadling is notable for together with the unsavory points of Hob’s previous, together with his participation within the slave commerce. Kingsley later mused on whether or not audiences may (or ought to) forgive Gadling for his appalling habits, admitting it isn’t one thing he has to wrestle with as an actor. “It’s not my job to offer judgment on the character I’m playing, I have to play him as you see him, and it’s our job as an audience to watch him go, ‘Do I deserve another shot at life?'” Kingsley stated.

The Sandman Season 1 is presently streaming on Netflix.

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