The Pokemon Company responded to Van Gogh’s collaboration scalpers.


    The Pokemon Company has issued a response to fans anxiously awaiting the chance to purchase their products from the Van Gogh X Pokemon Collection after scalpers turned up on limited-edition merchandise when it launched earlier this week. were

    The Van Gogh x Pokemon collaboration is part of an ongoing museum exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and associated merchandise includes accessories, notebooks, art prints, and a limited edition Pokemon card.

    The Pokemon Company has released a statement on Twitter.

    After many fans were frustrated by not being able to buy the products they wanted, The Pokemon Company took to Twitter to acknowledge fans’ disappointment.

    In the statement, The Pokemon Company said: “We apologize to all the fans who have been anxiously awaiting the release of our Pokemon Center x Van Go Museum today.

    “Due to high demand, all of our products from this collection have sold out. We understand that this is disappointing to many who were looking to our official email and social media channels for guidance on purchasing. HOW AND WHEN TO DO IT. We are actively working on ways to provide more “Pikachu with Gray Felt Hat” promo cards for fans shopping at Pokemon Center in the future. Details will be released later.

    “Thank you for your understanding and continued support.”

    His statement suggests that fans may have more opportunities in the future to get their hands on a special edition Pikachu with a Gray Felt Hat Pokémon card, which is being shipped free with purchases from the collection.

    Even so, Pokemon fans don’t seem as ready to forgive the disastrous launch as the company hoped they would be.

    Fans are not happy about how the collaboration was released.

    In response to the statement, several Pokemon fans have taken the opportunity to express how disappointed they were at the launch.

    Twitter user @StreamLifeGamer said: “What a horrible experience! I literally put things in my cart only to keep getting errors and checking out to buy what I was allowed to put in my cart. Wasn’t able to do it. One of the worst releases.”

    They are not alone in this sentiment. Many fans suggested ways the release could have been made easier, including sending out invitations, limiting purchases to one per person, or increasing stock.

    It seems that some of the products were sold before the collection went live due to leaked links to the collection being posted online, leading to further stock issues for those who purchased the products. Waiting to be officially accessed.

    JGCollectables on Twitter said: “What’s worse is that people got it. [products] Before they’re even alive……surely their orders should be canceled because they can see that the purchase was made earlier.”

    For many fans, not being able to get the products they want is frustrating, and only made worse by scalpers listing items on eBay for several hundred pounds. We can only hope that limited edition items return before support ends in January 2024.


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