The multiplayer game Horizon Zero Dawn has confirmed something similar to Monster Hunter


    Forbidden West, you will not be hunting the machines alone this time around (pic: Sony)

    Guerrilla Games announced that it would develop a stylized Horizon multiplayer spin-off.

    There are rumblings that the company Guerrilla Games is working on a multiplayer project since 2019.

    More detailed rumours emerged over the last few months, in which the word “Multiplayer” was reported as an MMO, while the game developed at the Guild Wars studio.

    While there is still not yet a formal revelation, Guerrilla Games admitted that the projects exist and shared a few brief details about what can be expected from that project.

    The Horizon multiplayer isn’t described as a MMO but a simple online project that is a new internal team within Guerrilla, with no mention of a potential source of the help of any other team or agency.

    Guerrilla says that the game will have brand new characters and a unique stylised look, indicating that it won’t be able to boast photorealistic visuals like the previous games.

    There is obviously no release window, but it won’t likely come out for a very long time. Certainly Guerrillas acknowledge that the government is responding to an offer called for hire.

    Come meet Guerrilla in Amsterdam to work to expand the world of Horizon.

    It’s an exciting time to join us. We’ve got a lot of open jobs across several industries, so check them out on our Careers page and apply today! – 2×1980, 2×7?sc.

    Life at Guerrilla (@LifeAtGuerrilla) December 16, 2022

    The studio opens multiple positions in the online game, including combat designers, machine-friendly characters, writer and artist.

    The reason why it decided to ban the game so early, was possibly response to those job postings appearing on Guerrillas website. There are long periods of work ads revealing games and details that developers haven’t yet announced publicly, but studios seem to never learn.

    The list of entrants mentioned creative cooperative opportunities for players and that machine enemies must provide diverse challenges against various players.

    Guerrilla Games have fundamentally confirmed Horizon multiplayer.

    There are a lot of new Job postings that characterized the online project as a title.

    To design unique skills for multiple player characters.

    However, multiple game enemies can provide many challenges against multiple players

    Jorraptor (@syrtor) December 16, 2022.

    The multiplayer game on Horizon is more of a cooperative experience where players find and hunt various types of machines populating Horizons.

    The best comparison can be something like Monster Hunter. Given the popularity of the franchise, it makes sense for Sony to want to emulate it, like a new version of the Wild Hearts.

    The next question is whether the game will be free-to-play or not. It will probably be due to Sony whose eagerness is to have 10 live service titles in the end of 2026, and that’s probably one of them.

    Guerrillas tweet mentions that its still working on epic solo adventures for Aloy, which will likely refer to the upcoming (and PlayStation 5 exclusive) Burning Shores DLC for Forbidden West.

    The reveal trailer didn’t show any gameplay, but it will continue the main story of the game as Aloy travels to Los Angeles.

    The VR game Horizon Call Of The Mountain is as follows: the inevitable third game of Forbidden Wests that all but confirmed in April.

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