The movie Kirby is for all the fans of the series


    Kirby is the author of one history from the Natalecopia. The new series’s creators are for all young fans of the animated comedy series, which was directed by Nintendo, where the players are surrounded by the pink ball. The series’ protagonist is a busy person with whom to decorate the trees in Dream Land.

    Kirby is hoped to participate in the holiday preparations and discovers that the star is lost; despite the fact that his friends are ready to do without it, he decides to do something to solve the problem and thus make Christmas even more joyful.

    With written by Asami Taniguchi and illustrated by RURUTEA, a full italian novel, the story from the stories of Kirby is certainly the perfect story for this time and its atmosphere.

    To date, the famous adventure of the pink wad was Kirby and the Lost Land, received excellent votes from the media; a colorful, fun and full of interesting new books, both as regards the settings and the mechanics of the protagonist’s powers.


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