The Most Powerful Zenkai Series Cards


The long lasting Dragon Ball Super card game It recently introduced its revolutionary Zenkai Booster Series, which is already shaking up the game’s established formula with new mechanics and card types. Since the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG recently shook up its formula with an updated ban list, fans of the TCG will know that big changes like this will bring a lot of players to the table, old and new.

Since all players, including the strongest pros, need to learn these new rules at once, it’s a perfect starting point for new players to get started with the game. However, what cards should players be looking for? The following five cards are the most powerful in the entire Zenkai set, making them perfect additions to any player’s deck.

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Cell, Awakening of the Created

Cell, Awakening of the Created has 25,000 power, which already makes it a formidable card. Where this card really shines, though, is in its abilities. Straight from the start, when Cell, Awakening of the Created is played, all enemy battle cards that cost five or less energy are instantly removed from the game. Additionally, this Cell card can use those same removed cards to make itself even stronger, either by switching to active mode or triggering a Triple Strike.

Finally, with its Critical ability, this Cell card can cause the opponent to discard cards with every hit, and this can instantly turn the tide of any match, giving the player room to regroup and strategize.

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SSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender

Next up is SSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender, which, as the name suggests, is one of the best defense cards in the entire set, if not the game as a whole. For starters, it matches Cell, Awakening of the Created at the same 25,000 power level, though unlike Cell, which focuses on a big start to change the flow of the battlefield, Evolved Defender is all about controlling the long term field.

Once sent, and then again when the player has enough energy to use this card’s ability, it can force the player to switch one of their cards to rest mode. This is an invaluable ability because if the opponent’s heavier hitters are always in rest mode, it will be harder for them to gain ground against the player holding this card.

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dark broly, heartless berserker

Dark Broly, Heartless Berserker has an incredible 30,000 power, making him a heavy hitter in any deck. Designed after one of the Dragon Ball the franchise’s most beloved supporting characters, Dark Broly’s main ability, Over Realm 6, is a huge bonus. Any card with an Over Realm ability allows the player to use it by removing cards from their cast zone, not using up valuable energy resources. When Dark Broly is played this way, he gets one turn to hit the opponent hard and fast, and at the end of that turn, he automatically moves to the player’s Warp Zone.

This strategy alone is very useful in any deck. However, using this card to its full potential can be a bit more difficult. Decks using black cards will find that they get much more utility from Dark Broly, Heartless Berserker, as if the player’s leader card is black, then this card can be summoned again from the Warp Zone on subsequent turns for only two. Energy. With Broly’s strength and the few resources required to use it, this card is a must-have in any black-themed deck.

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SS Son Goku, another world bombing

SS Son Goku, Another World Blitz is an amazing card that has the best benefits of the three aforementioned cards. For starters, this card has the same 30,000 power strength as Dark Broly, Heartless Berserker, plus a Triple Strike ability that makes it even better than Dark Broly. The card’s defense abilities are also as good as SSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender, if not even better. With the Deflect, Barrier, and Block abilities, SS Son Goku, Another World Blitz is both an outstanding heavy hitter and a solid tank.

Also, when this card is initially played, depending on how many additional cards the player has in their Drop Zone, this card can cause the same number of their opponent’s Battle Cards to instantly disappear to the bottom of the opponent’s deck. This is very similar to the ability found in Cell, Awakening of the Created. Finally, if there are no battle cards in the player’s drop zone at the time this card is played, it will only cost four energy to play, instead of the standard six. Given how powerful this card is, a cost of four energy instantly makes it one of the best cards in the entire game.

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SS4 Gogeta, the ultimate fusion

However, all the other cards on this list pale in comparison to SS4 Gogeta, Ultimate Fusion. This is not only the most powerful card in the Zenkai Booster Set, but it’s also the most powerful card in the entire game. This is the first card ever made in the Dragon Ball Super card game have an incredible power of 100,000 behind him.

Since this card has a Z-Awaken ability, it can be played when the player has four or less Health and has three Z-Energy to spend, meaning it typically won’t appear until near the end of a game. Once it appears, SS4 Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion You only get one turn to affect the battlefield before it’s gone for the rest of the game, but that’s more than likely all you’ll need.

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