The Midnight Ghost Hunt is an important one



    The Coffee Stain studio is giving an update for Midnight Ghost Hunt. Since this time it’s getting a little Christmas themed, there’s a bit of a holiday theme available. This is the fifth big update for the game. This will both give you new content to explore and give you fun new things. It includes going through a ghosted mall in the middle of the holiday period and dealing with ghosts and specters that know if you have been sleeping. We have the details in the trailer, which was also shown below.

    Writers of Coffee Stain.

    The new Mall map will take you into a few stores of all the time. If you look the horror of a cat, look the fox of the Black Stream, check out the toy store for ‘Ghosts B Us’ or the coffee-shopped cafe to encourage your rivals to frighten it, the Ghosts and the Hunters alike can explore the vast aisles of the sprawling mall. Hunters must be careful when they say “Superverse” and ‘Supernatural”! There is nothing like a shivering shiver down the spine, and the new animatronic Santa Hero Prop is a no-obsessed beast, who will help the Hunter take five seconds at a time to deal with their ecstasy. The mischievous Elf throws presents that double as possessable props to Hunters, while Ghosts can use the latest pack of Hero Props to give a generous gift of jump-scares!”

    “People who want to indulge in festive traditions can enjoy an exciting beauty with a collection of new skins. Ghosts can transform into creepy Krampus, while while Ghosts can embody the Jolly Hunter, complete with Santa hats and reindeer horns, to chase down opponents in a Christmas-style manner. Update 5 introduces a new advanced level model for the new skill level! Every 25 levels become one new class for players, where they can select from one unique profile picture, while displaying their hide-and-seek skills. Kill the ranks from the hunter to the legendary, and against all kinds of friends and enemies! Since it finally came into Steam Early Access late March, midnight ghost hunting is continuing its exciting route towards commercial launch with this new update.



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