The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit’s Surprising Comic Book History


The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit both had comic book adaptations. However, one was significantly more successful than the other.

the Lord of the Rings The franchise has been massively successful among so many outlets. From the original novels to film adaptations, video games and recent television series. the rings of power — it seems as if this mystical realm turns everything it touches into gold. Unfortunately, that statement is not entirely true. There’s one place in the entertainment world where adventurous hobbits didn’t thrive: the comic book industry.

Back in the 1980s, Luis Bermejo produced a Lord of the Rings comic miniseries inspired by a 1978 cartoon by Ralph Bakshi. These books were only published in Europe and, due to copyright issues, did not make it to the United States. In fact, the miniseries was never published in English. While little is known about this dark series, the same cannot be said about all three parts. Hobbit comics that followed a few years later.

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The creators of DC and Marvel brought Tolkien’s stories back to life

Acclaimed Marvel and DC Comics writer Chuck Dixon and talented Marvel artist David Wenzel teamed up in 1989 to create a miniseries based on The Hobbit novel. Picked up and released by an independent publisher, Eclipse Comics, this adaptation was simply titled The Hobbit: A Graphic Novel. The comics stayed true to its predecessor and perfectly captured Tolkien’s voice, and it was a hit. When the first part came out, it sold more copies than some of the biggest names in comics that were released alongside it, including titles like Sandman Y suicide squad.

The legacy of the three-part series continued long after its conclusion. In 2006, the series was revised and reissued. This edition had over thirty pages of new illustrations by Wenzel, as well as retouches to the original. This release was a welcome surprise for all fans. It provided nostalgia for readers who loved the original and introduced Middle-earth to a whole new generation of readers who may never have touched Tolkien’s beloved novel. However, the success of the comics did not end there.. The Hobbit: A Graphic Novel it was revived once again with six new pages in 2012 to promote Peter Jackson’s next film.

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The absence of The Lord of the Rings in the comics is a mystery

It is incredibly strange that Lord of the Rings I never had a second chance in the world of comics. Yeah, it made sense before the movies came out. It would have been a huge financial risk, especially considering the fact that the first attempt was an epic failure and there were no brand creators willing to join the title. Now, however, after the massive success of the Hobbit franchise and comics, it doesn’t make sense for anyone to turn down this sure-money heist. But, nonetheless, none of that seems to be in the works.

While the world may never know why this critically acclaimed series has yet to make a grand entrance into the world of comics, that doesn’t mean it never will. Lord of the Rings has been gaining a lot of traction lately, the new Amazon Prime series may be the start of a new era for the franchise. That, added to the fact that Embracer Group recently acquired the rights to both Lord of the Rings Y The Hobbit, a new comic series featuring the mystical characters of Middle-earth could very well be just around the corner.

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