The Legend of Jaffa Brownie lets you play as a robot-fighting brownie.


    Journey into the heart of the factory, saving cakes along the way.

    • Fight the robots and save the Jaffa cake.
    • Journey to the heart of the factory to find out the truth
    • Solve puzzles and collect coins.

    The Legend of Jaffa Brownie is a new 3D adventure game from developer Shusha Games. A thrilling puzzle platformer, the game revolves around a young brownie who sets out on a quest to find the Heart of the Factory and discover the truth of his existence and that of other brownies.

    You’ll explore a vibrant, colorful world as you battle evil robots with flashing red lights for heads. Watch the fountains fly as you defeat your enemies as you rescue Jaffa Cake from dire situations. Your brownie has a beautiful cardboard sword that he will use to defeat the many enemies scattered throughout the Jaffa factory.

    Test your platforming skills and solve a variety of puzzles to gain access to new areas. As you explore every corner of the Jaffa factory, you’ll discover a tranquil factory farm, a fascinating city, and more. Cross dangerous bridges, jump from platform to platform, and even ride a railcar as you progress on your journey.

    Bounce on the sheep’s backs to reach the higher ledges. You can even pick up the crowd and move it to your desired location. You’ll also collect coins throughout your journey which you can use to buy new skins to customize your Birani. The game features simple controls with buttons for jumping and attacking and a virtual joystick for movement.

    There are tons of adorable Jaffa Cake characters to meet and interact with. Collect cardboard hearts to regain health and unlock checkpoints as you go. Be careful, though, because losing all your health will send you back to the start of the level, not your final checkpoint.

    The Legend of Jaffa Brownie is available now on the App Store and Google Play. To know more about this 3D adventure title, visit Shosha Games Official website. You can also follow the developer. Instagram, YoutubeAnd X (Twitter) or join it. Discord community.


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