The latest update of Monopoly Go introduces a racing mini-game.

    • Monopoly Go now has a racing game with tycoon racers!
    • Collect the flags together with other players and start the race.
    • Compete for either personal rewards, or more flags to hopefully rise to the top of the leaderboard

    Well, it was only a matter of time. Monopoly Go now has a racing mini-game! Yes, Scopely’s adaptation of the hit board game, which proved to be a mega hit for the developer, now includes the final boss of virtually all multiplayer games along with a kart racing mechanic.

    Monopoly Go’s Tycoon Racer, a recently added mini-game, has you competing in regular matches and against other players to collect flags, which you then use to guide your team around the track in Tycoon Racer. can be done to speed up the race. Prizes on the line include dice, tokens, or more flags to get your team to the finish line for a chance at more prizes.

    Dice race

    What we can see more than anything else with this Monopoly Go Tycoon Racer mini game is that Scopely knows how dedicated its players are. When you sign up for a race you have 24 hours to collect flags, which is a huge amount of time in terms of the game. It certainly seems Monopoly Go fans aren’t the ‘dip in for a quick 20 minute match’ type.

    Is it good or bad? Well, if you’re looking for quick fun, this probably isn’t the mod for you. But if you’re looking for a win that can net you some serious rewards, this might just be the best new addition since Monopoly Go launched.

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