The Last of Us Show Premiere Date Announced


The wait is over; we finally have a release date set for The last of us TV show directed to HBO. On January 15, 2022, Ellie and Joel will take over living rooms around the world and tell the story of the AAA game for the first time.

In a recent cheep of @TheLastofUsHBO, we not only saw the poster for the HBO show in all its glory, but also learned the release date. Franchise fans seem excited about this long-awaited announcement. Some fans even requested that other games be made into a TV show sooner rather than later, like the God of War series, which is heading to Amazon Prime Video at some point.

The last of us has sold over 17 million copies since it was first released, while Part II of the series only sold 10 million copies, 4 million of which were sold the weekend it was released on consoles. Sony. The game has only risen in popularity over the years due to its rich storytelling, tugging at the player’s heartstrings every step of the way, and offbeat clicker encounters. There’s nothing like panicking for a full four minutes while trying to outrun one of those terrifying, towering monstrosities inside a creepy, dark building without being attacked at full speed.

Fans of the franchise are also excited to see their two favorite characters brought to life on the live-action TV show, as we’ve only seen them pixelated so far. It seems like some of the most successful games and game franchises are turning beloved games into movies or TV shows, and either way, I’m here for it. With titles like past days Being one of the adaptations we got to see on the big screen in the future, it’s pretty exciting to think about what could be next.


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