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The Kartids Of Pokemon: Infinity Tempest Part 32: Normal-types of Pokemon


In November 2022, Pokemon TCG released the last main series set from the Sword and Shield era. The new project, Sword & Shield Silver Tempest, came out on September 9-2022. It is the dozenth set, on the sword & Shield banner, and adapts the Japanese setBundesk andParadigm Trigger, with the Trainer Gallery subset usingVMAX Climax. Sword andamp; Shield Silver Tempestalso continues Radiant Pokemon, as well as the Trainer Gallery, a special subset of Rare Characters, Super Rare Characters, Full Art, and Wild Stars that began as an early set of year’s Sword andamp; Shield Silver Tempest. As we appreciate the artwork, discuss the title of the card and make a list of the areas that will be covered by this new set and imagine what certain elements of the expansion might lead to the future of the Pokemon TCG. Today we get closer to the Normal Art of Sword & Shield Silver Tempest.

Silver Gold, tempered. Don’t forget Pokemon TCG – Credit.

We wrap up the standard cards with three normal-type Pokemon.

Swablu seems a little incomprehensible with this card, illustrated in a storybook style by artistMiki Tanaka. The style of this card reminds me of the very good look of numerous classics like “The Diamond & Pearl” in a nostalgic way.

The artist Sakuma illustrates this sentient cloud emerging from the actual cloud. In terms of nostalgia, the use of warm, pink and gold as well as the shooting star designs around Altaria makes me smile and think back to the brilliant Radiant Collection subsets of the inscriptions that featured images in the subsets Black & White Legendary Treasures andGenerations.

All that’s left is a card that he was able to evoke – it is a perfectly pretty card, illustrated bysainio misaki. This one doesn’t remind me of any specific era of the Peokemon TCG, but rather for the days I was a kid, and thought that there might be Pokemon right now. Who would love that cute Buneary as his travel buddy?

With this set of Lugia and Alolan Vulpix theme, we’ll continue to highlight the Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield Silver. Next time, the focus will get in the full art section of this expanded.


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