The Hulk And The Thing’s Greatest Battles


Marvel celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the Fantastic Four in 2021. An enormous new launch from Titan Comics will spotlight a number of the greatest tales from the group’s first sixty years. A variety of these celebrated tales are positive to function some unforgettable match-ups between The Incredible Hulk and The Thing.

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The highly effective Marvel heroes have confronted one another a number of occasions through the years to find out who’s stronger. Their first encounter in Fantastic Four #12 was a bit anti-climatic whereas one of many newer in Immortal Hulk #41 highlighted their distinctive relationship. Both have been memorable match-ups, however followers have seen a number of higher battles between the 2 heavyweights through the years.

10/10 “The Hulk Vs. The Thing”

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #25, by author Stan Lee, penciler Jack Kirby, inker George Roussos, and letterer Sam Rosen

The Thing’s first encounter with the Hulk in Fantastic Four #12 left followers wanting extra, as they didn’t get to actually take a look at one another’s power. When they met once more in Fantastic Four #25, Hulk was launching a revenge-fueled assault on The Avengers. Earth’s mightiest heroes earned his ire once they changed Hulk with Captain America after he left the group.

The Hulk tangled with Invisible Woman and Human Torch earlier than starting his struggle with The Thing. Their epic struggle carried them throughout the town, leaving destruction of their wake. Hulk gave The Thing his first large defeat after battering him into unconsciousness. The Hulk was solely stopped by one of many strongest rosters of the Avengers and the FF in one among Marvel’s first large crossovers.

9/10 “Battle Of The Behemoths!”

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #112, by author Stan Lee, penciler John Buscema, inker Joe Sinnott, and letterer Sam Rosen

The Thing went on his personal city-destroying rampage in Fantastic Four #111, following one among Reed Richard’s experiments. He had developed a manner for Ben Grimm to alter again into his human kind. Unfortunately, it elevated his mood and rage when he turned again to The Thing. Richards referred to as for Bruce Banner’s assist, although he changed into the Hulk as quickly as he noticed Thing.

While The Thing often had the strategic edge of their fights, his elevated anger put two of Marvel’s strongest superheroes on an identical taking part in area. Thing’s amped-up power may need given him the win if a misery name from his love Alicia Masters hadn’t distracted him. The Hulk then delivered a devastating knockout punch that almost killed Ben Grimm.

8/10 “The Clash”

Marvel Fanfare (Vol. 1) #20-21, by author/penciler Jim Starlin, inker Al Milgrom, colorist Christie Scheele, and letterer Annette Kawecki

Doctor Strange enlisted The Thing’s assist in opposition to his mystic rival Xandu in Marvel Fanfare #20. He succeeded in releasing Strange, they usually headed to their ultimate confrontation with Xandu. Unfortunately, he had magically coerced the Hulk to defend him from the 2 heroes.

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The Thing was capable of outfight the mind-controlled Hulk, although his punch freed him from Xandu’s spell. The enraged Hulk continued to struggle and began to overpower Thing. Grimm was capable of work the struggle again to the place it started. He freed Dr. Strange and shattered Xandu’s mystical ruby to finish his assault. Dr. Strange then pacified Hulk with a spell earlier than the preventing broke out once more.

7/10 “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be The Hulk!”/”Titans Two”

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #166-167, by author Roy Thomas, penciler George Pérez, inkers Vince Colletta & Joe Sinnott, colorist Phil Rachelson, and letterer Joe Rosen

The authorities requested the Fantastic Four to assist seize Hulk throughout one among his rampages. The group shortly agreed although one of the vital highly effective members of the Fantastic Four had some doubts in regards to the mission. When they lastly encountered the Hulk, the FF shortly labored collectively to take him down. However, Grimm felt just like the struggle wasn’t honest, and he took drastic motion.

The Thing broke Hulk free from the federal government jail and teamed up together with his former enemy. They stood united as reworked “monsters” and confronted off in opposition to the Fantastic Four. The Thing returned to the FF’s facet when the enraged Hulk threatened his mates. Unfortunately, Thing started to alter to his human kind throughout the battle, which gave Hulk the ultimate victory.

6/10 “Pride Goeth…”/”Before The Fall”

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #320, by author Steve Englehart, penciler Keith Pollard, inker Joe Sinnott, colorist George Roussos & letterer John Workman and Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #350, by author Peter David, penciler Jeff Purves, inker Terry Austin, colorist Petra Scotese & letterer Joe Rosen

In virtually each one among their encounters, The Hulk displayed enhanced power whereas Thing was ready to make use of his smarts in battle. In Fantastic Four #320, a reversed state of affairs led to a strong confrontation. Thing’s power and rocky kind had been drastically enhanced by additional publicity to cosmic rays whereas Hulk was in his smarter however much less highly effective Joe Fix-it kind.

Thing shortly showcased his new power in battle with the Hulk. He pummeled Hulk into submission and virtually delivered a ultimate blow. However, a robotic Hulk despatched by Doctor Doom interrupted the struggle in a traditional cringeworthy Fantastic Four comedian panel. The actual Hulk then drained out Thing by avoiding his punches lengthy sufficient to knock out his enhanced enemy.

5/10 “Mano A Mano”

Incredible Hulk Annual (Vol. 1) #18, by author Peter David, penciler Travis Charest, inker Dan Green, colorist Christie Scheele, and letterer Richard Starkings

Hulk and The Thing’s rivalry took a number of totally different varieties through the years that showcased their distinctive relationship. They had developed a tense friendship stuffed with respect primarily based on their shared struggles. Hulk and Bruce Banner merged collectively as one of many smartest variations of the Hulk. Thing met him in an remoted bar for a much less violent arm wrestling match.

A couple of of their villainous enemies realized of the assembly and tried to kill Hulk and Thing. The heroes have been so targeted on their match that they wouldn’t budge from their seats. They took out their enemies one-handed and even survived a strong bomb dropped by the villains. Hulk and Thing solely ended their pleasant however stalemated match when the bar disintegrated round them.

4/10 “Tea For Two”

Hulk & Thing: Hard Knocks (Vol. 1) #1-4, by author Bruce Jones, penciler/inker Jae Lee, colorist June Chung, and letterer Randy Gentile

The two outdated rivals starred in 2005’s Hulk & Thing: Hard Knocks mini-series. Set largely at a diner, Thing arrived hoping to have a chat with Hulk and inform a narrative or two. He pushed Bruce Banner by means of a wall to carry out the Hulk, they usually started sharing tales of previous encounters. They additionally often broke right into a struggle in and across the diner.

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Ben Grimm’s battle together with his personal monstrous kind despatched him right into a rage up to now. He discovered Hulk they usually fought one among their most violent battles. Thing was about to ship a killing blow when Hulk reworked again into Bruce Banner. Thing sympathized with the plight of the person within the monster. He shared that story to assist Hulk within the current as they took on the navy collectively.

3/10 “Shadow Boxing”/”To Be This Monster”

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #533-535 by author J. Michael Straczynski, penciler Mike McKone, inkers Simon Coleby, Andy Lanning & Cam Smith, colorist Paul Mounts, and letterers Randy Gentile & Rus Wooton

Bruce Banner has a number of totally different varieties, although one of many strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics appeared in Fantastic Four #533. A Hydra gamma bomb supercharged the Hulk with power and turned him into his strongest kind but. S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced Thing and the Human Torch in to assist include the savage new model of Gray Hulk.

The Thing tried to get by means of to the Hulk throughout the struggle. He suffered a number of damaged bones because the Hulk hit him more durable than he ever had earlier than. The senseless Hulk overpowered Thing and would have killed him if the Human Torch hadn’t intervened. Johnny Storm unleashed his highly effective Nova burst, which shocked Hulk again to his senses and ended the struggle.

2/10 “World War Hulk Part 2”

World War Hulk (Vol. 1) #2, by author Greg Pak, penciler John Romita Jr., inker Klaus Janson, colorist Christina Strain, and letterer Chris Eliopoulos

The World War Hulk occasion adopted Banner’s exile from Earth to Sakaar within the Planet Hulk storyline. He discovered a brand new life and love there however misplaced them each. The broken ship that introduced him to Sakaar exploded, fueling him with the warp core’s power whereas destroying his new planet. The further power elevated his power and turned him into Worldbreaker Hulk.

He returned to Earth to take his revenge on the members of Marvel’s Illuminati who despatched Hulk to Sakaar. Thing bravely jumped into battle to defend Reed Richards and delivered a strong opening blow. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sufficient, and Hulk beat him senselessly. Reed saved his outdated pal by quickly distracting Hulk and calling in The Sentry.

1/10 “Honeymoon Crasher”/”The Fight Of Your Life”

Fantastic Four (Vol. 6) #12-13, by author Dan Slott, penciler/inker Sean Izaakse, colorist Marcio Menyz, and letterer Joe Caramagna

Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters lastly married after spending years collectively. They headed to Hawaii to rejoice in Fantastic Four #12, although the Immortal Hulk interrupted their honeymoon. Alicia’s stepfather the Puppet Master is one among Marvel’s most unlikable villains. He despatched the managed darkish Hulk in opposition to The Thing, who was preventing a ticking clock whereas defending the resort.

Ben Grimm had gained the power to show again into his human kind for every week yearly because of the Future Foundation. With solely seconds left till he misplaced his power, Thing put every little thing he had right into a ultimate punch. His vibranium marriage ceremony ring additional fueled the hit, which shattered Thing’s arm. The punch knocked Hulk out, and Thing recovered after lacking his week as a human.

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