The Flash Predicts DC’s Next Crisis


The following article comprises spoilers from The Flash #787, on sale now.

The Flash took a break from his common story arc for a bit of sunshine enjoyable in The Flash #787 (by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeromy Cox, and Rob Leigh). An encounter with interdimensional wrestlers from area gave Wally the chance to chop free and take a break from being a hero for only a second. In the moments between matches although, his new pal, Omega Bam Man, warned Wally that one other apocalyptic occasion was coming for Earth.

While he took it in stride, that is really extra warning than most heroes get about an upcoming occasion. The warning wasn’t particular, solely that one thing succesful fo destroying the planet was on its method. This may simply imply a crossover occasion or doubtlessly one other disaster. It’s doable this was the Flash’s advance warning concerning the Lazarus Planet, which actually amps up the potential harm it may do. Or, much more disturbing, it could possibly be warning about one thing else that hasn’t been introduced but.

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The Flash Learned About Impending Destruction – Through Wrestling

As Omega Bam Man defined, WAM, or Wrestling Across the Multiverse, is technically an unlawful group, and because of this must be very cautious about what planets they select to battle on. While they do have drones to wash up the harm they do after, it additionally helps if the inhabitants will not be round too lengthy to complain about it. As a end result, by way of unknown means, WAM selects planets which are about to undergo an apocalyptic occasion.

This implies that WAM solely selected Earth as a result of it was about to undergo another disaster. Considering that the story takes place after the Flash’s Dark Crisis adventures, it implies that one thing new is on the horizon. The Flash did not appear too fearful due to the frequency Earth experiences related occasions, however at the very least this time he has been warned.

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Did the Flash Just Predict DC’s Next Crisis?

Now, the obvious candidate for what’s coming can be the Lazarus Planet occasion that can begin in January. A volcanic eruption of Lazarus resin will end in large modifications to the inhabitants of Earth. However, it wasn’t implied that this could be a close to apocalypse state of affairs. Sure, enhancing a whole planet with powers is terrifying, however nothing that might recommend the world was about to be destroyed. Perhaps, DC was hiding the true degree of hazard the world is in for the sake of shock worth, but when so, then the upcoming occasion may have a lot increased stakes than anticipated.

Of course, there may be additionally the likelihood that WAM was predicting one thing else completely. They by no means elaborated how they predict {that a} world goes to finish, although it stands to cause it’s by way of scientific means. Perhaps there’s something in area heading in direction of Earth that would destroy it. As the Flash stated, apocalypses are pretty widespread on Earth. One occasion would possibly lead into one other and throw the planet into hazard another time. Still, they’ve some warning now. They might not know what they’re anticipated to cope with, however at the very least they’ll brace themselves.

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