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    So many people are looking forward to The First Descendant ahead of its release, and we’ve got all of the latest trailers, gameplay details, platforms, and open beta information that you’ll want to know right here.

    The First Descendant is one of the most anticipated looter-shooters on the horizon for console and PC, letting you team up with three other players in third-person action in a fight to save humanity. There’s new information being released about the game all of the time, so your best place to stay tuned is right here.

    Continue reading for all of the trailers, gameplay, platforms, and open beta details for The First Descendant, as we’ve got everything you’ll need to know below.

    Do we know The First Descendant release date?

    Image of a character shooting in The First Descendant

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    Unfortunately, there is currently no release date for The First Descendant that we know of right now. While this might be revealed soon, there is no concrete information released by NEXON as to when we can get our hands on the full game as of yet.

    However, with the open beta only just around the corner in September 2023, this hopefully means that we won’t have to wait too much longer to play the game in its complete state.

    The First Descendant gameplay details

    Image of gameplay in The First Descendant

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    When it comes to gameplay, players will be tasked with becoming a ‘Descendant’ – soldiers who have a mission to save the world against an alien invasion by any means possible. This can be done with up to four players for some exciting cooperative action and takes place exclusively within a third-person perspective.

    Additionally, as a looter-shooter, The First Descendant will have a satisfying gameplay loop that constantly throws new and more powerful weapons your way, so that you can always be on the hunt for the next piece of gear to help you complete your missions.

    Furthermore, you will tackle plenty of missions that house a variety of different tricky scenarios – and many tough bosses also await you on your travels. All of this is also done in the Unreal Engine 5.2 engine, making for some gorgeous visuals to further enhance your enjoyment.

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    Are there any trailers for The First Descendant?

    The initial reveal trailer for The First Descendant was shown at Gamescom in 2022, detailing and mix of cinematics and actual gameplay. This was a great first look at what the game is offering and drew the attention of many fans.

    There is also the ‘Bunny’ trailer which debuts a first look at one of the game’s many playable characters, so if you’re wondering who you’re going to pick then this definitely might be worth a look.

    Finally, the most recent trailer comes from Gamescom 2023 – a year after its initial reveal – where we have received a deeper look at the game’s systems and more information about the upcoming crossplay beta.

    Will there be a The First Descendant open beta?

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    There will be an open beta for The First Descendant and it commences on September 19, 2023. You will be able to get a hands-on experience with the looter-shooter action here, and the beta is also crossplay which is fantastic news for anyone wanting to build up a full squad of four players.

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    What platforms will The First Descendant be on?

    Image of a boss in The First Descendant

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    Here are all of the currently announced platforms for The First Descendant:

    • PlayStation 5
    • PlayStation 4
    • Xbox Series X|S
    • Xbox One

    It is very interesting to see that the game is going to be released on previous generation consoles considering the visual fidelity, but it is still great news that more people will be able to jump in and enjoy their time with the game.

    So, that’s everything we currently know about The First Descendants, showing you the latest trailers, gameplay details, platforms, and all of the open beta details too.

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