The Final Fantasy Anniversary Special is a forever story


    Take into consideration the common thread, and make up the most important lesson in Final Fantasy. If you write new stories, new characters and new worlds, you still don’t mention the large collection of relics. That’s the biggest secret of the Japanese role-playing game saga: the fact that it is only the most true divergence makes all the senseless, it’s actually a final fantasy game.

    The classic era was built in the late 1960s.

    After just the beginning the worlds were coming, then the end of the world was coming. That fact dates back to 1987, and in its name it is reflected. The Final refers to the plan of the young developers and Final Fantasy inventor Hironobu Sakaguchi to abandon his studio wall and go back to university if there were a flop. The rest is a game history. Square and its predecessor, were eventually merged in 2003 with the Enix, which had released Dragon Quest, which in the 1980s inspired Sakaguchis RPG.

    Final Fantasy

    The increase in popularity and absolute RPG classic sparked by the success of Nintendos consoles, that stood out for a long time.

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