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The Fantastic Four Channels Bruce Willis for a Die-Hard Homage


Alone within the Baxter Building after its attacked, Sue Storm channels her inside John McClane to cope with the menace in Fantastic Four #47.

The following incorporates spoilers for Fantastic Four #47, on sale now from Marvel.

Marvel’s Fantastic Four #47 channels Bruce Willis in a Die Hard homage, with Sue Storm Richards even letting out a “Yippee-ki-yay” at one level within the concern.

Fantastic Four #47 comes from author David Pepose, artist Juann Cabal, coloration artist Jesus Aburtov and letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna. Tying into the continuing Judgment Day occasion, the difficulty opens with Reed Richards locking himself in isolation so he can brainstorm an answer to the Celestial downside after Progenitor was dropped at life and commenced evaluating humanity’s value. Franklin and Valeria Richards go to stick with Alica Masters whereas their father is away, Johnny Storm/the Human Torch decides to take the break day given the world very effectively may be ending, leaving Ben Grim/the Thing and Sue alone within the Baxter Building.

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Seizing the chance, Oubliette Midas discretely infiltrates the Baxter Building earlier than launching an explosion that successfully traps Ben beneath an infinite pile of rubble. Oubliette additionally places a protecting protect across the location to bar Johnny and Ben from getting into, which means Sue is trapped in there with the enemy and her henchmen.

Just as a result of she’s alone, nonetheless, does not imply she’s defenseless, as Sue shortly determines she’ll cease Oubliette irrespective of the price. ​​It’s when she’s cornered by some henchmen when Sue lets out a “Yippee-ki-yay,” turns invisible and begins taking them out. One of Oubliette’s accomplices occurs to be geared up with thermal lenses and may see Sue regardless of her invisibility; Sue, nonetheless, jams the villain’s weapon and sends them flying backward.

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Much like the assorted scenes in 1988’s Die Hard the place John McClane (Willis) and Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) talk through walkie-talkie as McClane races to save lots of the Nakatomi Plaza, Fantastic Four #47 additionally sees Sue and Oubliette communicate over a wi-fi headset. Oubliette warns Sue that “no one is coming” for her earlier than revealing what she’s after inside the Baxter Building: information. “I’m going to break into your husband’s vault and steal every last neuron he has…” Oubliette explains.

Fantastic Four #48: Die Harder

The story continues in Oct. 12’s Fantastic Four #48, which can be the ultimate concern of the present Fantastic Four run earlier than the title relaunches with author Ryan North and artist Iban Coello in November. The synopsis reads, “Trapped alone inside the Baxter Building with no backup in sight, the Invisible Woman battles her way up 35 flights of death traps to stop the mad science of OUBLIETTE MIDAS! But with the clock running out on the Celestial’s judgment, can Sue save her husband, Reed, from becoming the latest cog in the Exterminatrix’s interdimensional war machine? Can the Thing and the Human Torch free themselves from Oubliette’s twisted schemes, or will the hijacked Baxter Building prove to be the FF’s ultimate undoing? It’s Judgment Times Four, as the Fantastic Four don’t plan to go down without a fight!”

Fantastic Four #47 options cowl artwork by CAFU and variant cowl artwork by John Tyler Christopher and Russell Dauterman. The concern is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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