The Elder Scrolls 6 Has Bad News for Some Fans


Xbox has some bad news for those on PS5 who are looking forward to The Elder Scrolls 6. Since the Bethesda acquisition, Xbox has yet to say definitively if The Elder Scrolls 6 It’s coming to PS5. The expectation is that it won’t, but thanks to Xbox’s vague feedback in the past and the fact that it continues to bring some games to PlayStation consoles, there’s still hope from some on PS5 that the next long-awaited installment on the The Bethesda series will come to the Sony console. We still don’t have anything definitive from Xbox on this front, but some new and official documents are close to putting the last nail in the coffin.

Microsoft is currently trying to convince UK regulators not to block its acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. For this, they have presented several arguments. And one of these arguments mentions old documents 6 as a “midsize game” and therefore exclusivity is not a major issue. He also argues that not releasing the game on PlayStation platforms wouldn’t be a disenfranchisement because the last mainline installment released in 2011.

In an accompanying chart, Xbox divides its games into three categories: Niche, New IP/Uncertain Audience, and Mass Market. The above and below categories are the least likely to be exclusive to Xbox platforms, according to Microsoft, but the middle category is. and this is where The Elder Scrolls VI apparently falls into

For now, there is nothing to confirm The Elder Scrolls VI It won’t be coming to PS5, but it sure is another notch on the belt. If the game were to come out right now, under massive scrutiny from regulators, there might be a better chance it would go cross-platform, but it won’t be out for many years and it’s hard to imagine it coming to PS5 when it does. . So if you’re on the PS5 and anticipating the game, you’ll likely need to buy an Xbox Series X or get a decent gaming PC unless Xbox Game Pass comes to the PS5 by then, but this also seems unlikely.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Should you bring Xbox The Elder Scrolls VI to ps5? Do you think it will?

H/T, Kotaku.


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